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German Army South advances in Ukraine

Film | Accession Number: 2013.himka | RG Number: RG-60.1413 | Film ID: 2983

Pan of the Ukrainian landscape with a Christian cemetery and camp below it. Two German soldiers tour the area. Railroad tracks. 00:09:55 Quick shot of a band playing in an open market. 00:09:57 Destroyed Allied fighter plane. German trucks move out of camp through muddy roads. 00:10:23 CUs of German officers talking. One smiles at camera from a truck. Destroyed and muddy motorcycle towed by a van. 00:10:46 Soldiers eat. Tanks. 00:11:00 A woman carrying a baby examines destroyed fighter plane. Ukrainian fields and a low-flying plane. German soldiers kill a cow. End of reel. Landscape. Train yard. German tanks, camouflage and rubble. 00:12:17 Ruins of an open colonnade and rubble in Ukraine. A town in the distance. More rubble and a crashed plane. 00:12:38 Civilians crowd around a German car stuck in mud. Dark shots in field. Cannon at a campsite. Soldier looks down the barrel of the cannon. HAS, group of civilians crowd around military vehicles. Countryside. 00:13:42 More birds nest on roof. LS, Ukrainian landscape and soldiers. 00:14:28 Soldiers mark graves with helmets. CU name plaque. 00:14:38 Surveillance from a makeshift defense, helmet. Driving across field in a Mercedes. Civilians tour countryside. 00:15:14 Officers sleeping, talking, and reading. Tanks and motorcycles move out along dirt roads.

Event Date
June 1941
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of John-Paul Himka
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