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Belgian couples tour Germany; "Jews not wanted here" sign

Film | Accession Number: 2013.131.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1454 | Film ID: 2991

The de Brouwers and their neighbors Joseph and Yvonne de Hemptinne, continue on a self-guided tour through Germany in July 1936. Map of Germany and a sketch of the Neiderwald statue in Rudesheim with the title "Visite a le Germania." Landscape and towns by the banks of the Rhine taken from a boat. 00:14:39 Yvonne, Denise, and Joseph pose and walk towards the camera. 00:14:50 CUs of the Neiderwald monument. Tourists at the monument overlooking the Rhine.

00:15:01 Sketch of two beer steins and the title "Ein Zweite Prosit." Joseph and Carl drink in a restaurant. Men play a guitar and an accordion in a café. Joseph drinks and poses for the camera. 00:15:33 Sketch of the Rudesheim wreath. Various shots of the landscape and houses.

00:15:49 Map of Germany and a pointer focused on Frankfurt followed by a sketch and the title "Pluie a Wiesbaden." Denise and Yvonne window shop. 00:16:07 Sketch of German sausages followed by footage of a sausage stand and city scenes possibly in Romerberg. Yvonne and Joseph posing for the camera. Various city scenes. 00:16:51 Sketch of an airplane and the title "Aerodrome de Frankfurt." Yvonne and Denise write and eat in a café in Frankfurt. An airplane lands at the nearby airport while other civilians and officers of newly formed Luftwaffe in Nazi uniforms watch.

00:20:19 Sketch of a mountain range and the title "La Foret Noire." Yvonne and Denise outside a post office. Joseph inflates a bike tire before the group begins their tour of the Black Forest. Countryside from a moving car. 00:20:58 Joseph and Carl pose and walk towards the camera. A local woman washes clothes outside. Denise dances and poses for the camera. 00:21:16 Landscape and homes. The group waves to the camera. Scenes from inside a crowded bus. Passengers watch the mountain landscape from the windows. Large group of school girls and a man in a Nazi uniform patrols. More scenes from inside the moving bus.

00:22:06 Sketch of a violin and a cup of coffee with the title "Baden-Baden." An outdoor café and live music. Various city scenes.

00:22:34 Sketch introducing the group's tour to Heidelberg. Joseph overlooks the city and the Heiliggeist Kirche. A cameraman takes portraits for tourists. A large crowd enters the Heidelberg Castle awaiting arrival of Hitler. CU of façade, the castle interior, and the city from afar. Young men in traditional lederhosen walk through Heidelberg. More street scenes. 00:24:06 Sign on railway platform, "Juden sind hier unerwünscht" [Jews are not wanted here].

00:24:12 Sketch of a steam ship and the title "Embarquement a Mayence." The group loads their bicycles onto a boat. Passengers wave to another boat before disembarking.

00:25:08 Sketch of a castle and the title "Les Chateaux Vus de Rhin." The landscape and castles overlooking the Rhine, including Ehrenfels Castle and Pfalzgradenstein Castle.

00:27:44 Sketch of an equestrian monument of Frederic Guillaume I with the title "Coblence." Bridge and the monument to William I seen from a boat on the river. 00:28:28 Fin.

Event:  July 1936
Frankfurt, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:39:10
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