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Liberation of Paris, France

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1466 | Film ID: 2996

(INV1485) Wide shot of street filled with ruins on the ground or some kind of small blockade constructed from ruins. 00:07 American Army cars driving down the street. Civilians approach the car to shake hands with soldiers. 00:23 MS of civilians approaching soldiers. Crowds looking and waving at the camera. 00:29 Larger crowds. 00:35 Two boys approach and kiss soldier 00:52 CU of soldier speaking next to a young boy. 00:57 Crowds advancing quickly down the street

01:05 (INV1484) Armed soldiers (French resistance) walk around Shell gas station. 01:21 Tank with Free French Forces symbol. 01:26 American Army vehicles driving down the street. 01:49 Crowds cheering around Army car. Waving US, Free French Forces, and USSR hammer and sickle flags. 02:00 Store window labeled "Honneur aux Allies" with Free French Forces symbol surrounded by American, British, French, and Russian flags. 02:08 French resistance car driving down street. Motorcycle to its left. 02:12 Slate reading "...SPX-F 8/24/44..." 02:14 Military car driving behind a Red Cross car. 02:28 Various shots of an American Red Cross car crossing pontoon bridge over Seine. 02:58 Two men swimming in the Seine? A third man is naked and standing outside, washing himself. View of cars driving on bridge in the BG. 03:29 Man standing in front of store looking around. He notices the camera and kneels down outside of the shot. 03:37 American tank driving. 03:47 French Resistance (FFI fight snipers) (some in uniform, some in civilian clothes) running away from the Shell gas station. 03:56 The men squat behind a fence, looking and pointing beyond it. 04:10 An older man points beyond the fence to a soldier aiming a gun. A soldier in the back loads his gun. 04:16 The soldier shoots his gun. 04:29 French Resistance cars driving down the street; soldiers firing their guns in the air. 04:36 Cars driving down the street with cheering crowds. 04:47 Slate with illegible text. 04:50 Various shots of soldiers hiding behind cars and trees. 05:02 Three men, probably French Resistance, in street, holding out their ammunition. 05:03 American soldiers and young women gather up in front of an Army vehicle near a Dupont shop for a photograph. American flag hangs from the store. 05:20 Car driving down the street between cheering crowds. 05:36 Man on the right kneels down and uses a camera. Army vehicles parking. 06:30 Bulldozer flattens the ground. Sign on the floor. 06:55 Two soldiers (one is French resistance) hammer into pontoon bridge a stencil sign reading "Passerelle Pour Civil" (Passage for Civilians). An American tractor drives away. Sequence of shots repeats one more time.

Event:  August 8-24, 1944
Paris, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2021-10-06 16:20:06
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