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Hitler Youth visit Egypt and Japan

Film | Accession Number: 2013.22.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1538 | Film ID: 3911

Teil I. Missing titles at head.
Hitler Youth (HJ) boys on boat, one looks through binoculars with ship captain. Boys exercise, perform calisthenics, and box in uniforms on deck. Swimming. Musical entertainment with guitar and accordion. 01:01:21 Boys in dress uniform visit a fountain on a plaza, probably in Rome, Italy. View overlooking city. The group visits ruins. 01:01:28 HJ boys in civilian dress walk past a pyramid in Egypt. Tourist views of the pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza. 01:02:19 Local military men guard ancient ruins. 01:02:40 Ancient temple. Men with fez hats ride on horses passing by an ancient building, maybe in Turkey.

01:03:00 HJ boys in white dress uniform on boat, practicing drills, receiving safari hats. MS, ship with HJ troops and banner, "HJ WILLKOMMEN!", waving flag of Japan along with swastika flag. Group of men in dark uniforms disembark ship, greeted by Japanese military ceremony with band. 01:03:38 Crowd of Japanese civilians and children waving flags of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany filmed from the train with German HJ boys. 01:03:51 German intertitle. At a camp near Yamanaka, HJ and Japanese youth raise the flag and climb the 3800 meter high Mount Fuji. 01:05:21 German and Japanese youth groups observe something in the distance and hike in a rocky place, including some higher-level officials. Waterfall. CU, Japanese family. LS, Japanese ceremony. 01:06:08 Close views of HJ boys on boat, speaking with a Japanese man in a business suit. Hiking, waterfall. INT, Germans wear Japanese robes and eat a meal indoors. Train arrives at a station, Japanese civilians wave flags from the platform. Good CUs of Japanese children, some saluting.

01:07:34 Nazi men salute crowd of Japanese lined up in a plaza, including a band, some in uniform. Germans visit a stream and return to a bus. Boarding a boat. Raising flag at a training camp near a lake. Germans play drums. Good CUs of Japanese. The German HJ troops tour a factory, parade, and travel through Japan. 01:09:58 HJ salute group of Japanese military and women. Children gather around. Men on horseback in town, followed by HJ boys.

01:10:50 German intertitle. Rally in Tokyo with 25,000 students featuring Prince Chichibu (Yasuhito). Pan of stadium grounds, uniformed crowd, movie camera, Prince Chichibu, and a Nazi official speaking from the platform. Various groups march. 01:12:01 Athletes march by on a track, perform calisthenics on grass field, and compete in track and field events.

Event:  Summer or Fall 1938?
Censor:  1941 January 07
Rome, Italy
Tokyo, Japan
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of James and Barbara Gatti
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:08
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