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Barbie Trial -- Day 5 -- Discussion of the UGIF and Izieu raids

Film | Accession Number: 2005.516.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1593 | Film ID: 3956

16:23 President Cerdini continues presenting an exhibit relating to the raid at the UGIF [Union générale des Israélites de France] in Lyon on February 9, 1943

16:25 A clerk reads a report signed by Barbie on the 11th of February 1943

16:29 Cerdini presents Barbie's reaction to being shown the report

16:31 Prosecution lawyer Klarsfeld gives further arguments relating to Barbie's report from February 11, 1943

16:34 Cerdini introduces into evidence a telegram sent by Barbie on February 11, 1943

16:35 Clerk reads the telegram

16:37 Jury examines the telegram (French translation), and Barbie's signed report of February 11, 1943

16:43 President Cerdini gives background explanation of how the court was able to find these exhibits

16:45 Cerdini explains that Barbie and the Lyon office of the Gestapo destroyed the majority of their archives and files

16:46 Prosecution lawyer Klarsfeld and defense lawyer Vergès discuss the destruction of files in Lyon

16:48 Cerdini explains that Barbie was presented with a copy of the telegram in March 1983, and acknowledged having sent it, saying it was on orders of his commander

16:50 Cerdini admits into evidence a report written on February 15, 1943, which details the escape of two Jews who had been taken in the February 9 raid

16:57 Cerdini presents Barbie's response to viewing this report-- in the three times he was showed the document, he gave three different responses as to whether it was his signature; discusses the authenticity of the documents presented

17:03 Lawyers Vergès and Klarsfeld each comment on another document relating to the UGIF raid of February 9, 1943, which was not presented in court

17:05 President Cerdini suspends the hearing

17:27 Cerdini calls the courtroom to order; gives background historical information on events of the 'Rafle d'Izieu,' the raid of an orphanage for Jewish children 40 km from Lyon, on April 6, 1944

17:33 A clerk reads the famous 'Telex d'Izieu,' a communication sent from Lyon to the Nazi headquarters in Paris detailing the raid, signed by Barbie

17:40 An argument between several lawyers from the prosecution and defense ensues because President Cerdini allows defense lawyer Vergès to handle the Telex and remove it from its protective plastic. Several lawyers become very upset, because they are afraid Vergès will tear or otherwise destroy the evidence

Event:  1987 May 15
Lyon, France
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Institut National de L'Audiovisuel
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:39:13
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