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Barbie Trial -- Day 7 -- The prosecution and defense question expert witnesses

Film | Accession Number: 2005.516.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1604 | Film ID: 3967

18:12 Prosecutor Jakubowicz asks the witnesses to comment on an argument of Barbie's defense, in which he claimed that the Jews declared war on Germany in 1939; the witnesses reply that this defense is 'stupid.'

18:13 Prosecutor Klarsfeld asks for a precision as to the date on which Barbie received instructions to arrest Jews. The witness says those instructions came the 14th of April, after the Izieu raid.

18:14 Prosecutor Welzer asks the witnesses to comment in a precise way on the 'Night and Fog' decree.

18:17 Defense attorney Vergès asks why, if the witnesses are so sure of Barbie's guilt, they never demanded his extradition from Bolivia. A witness replies that many South American countries refuse extradition, and that an attempt to extradite him would not have worked.Vergès then asks how, if that is true, it's possible that the French government was able to extradite Barbie in 1982. He and the witnesses exchange several times on this topic.

18:35 Vergès asks the witness why he did not, in his discussion of the Izieu raid, mention the presence of the 958th Flak Battalion; the witness replies that he did not know; the defense responds by asking how the witness can say that he knows that Barbie did not act on the orders of others, if he does not know who commands this battalion which was present at the raid.

18:42 Witnesses explain why Knochen (Barbie's commanding officer) and Barthelmus were not prosecuted

18:52 The defense questions the autonomy of section 4b in carrying out raids and deportations

19:01 The defense asks Mr. Holtfort to compare the Izieu telex to the telex sent from Marseille on the same day

19:02 President Cerdini presents precisions on section 4b

19:04 The defense questions the witnesses as to differences in the handwriting on the arrival notices written on both the Izieu telex and the Marseille telex

19:12 Cerdini asks the witnesses to remain in the area and available to the Court for further questions for a few days

19:15 Cerdini calls a recess

19:16 End of tape

Event:  1987 May 19
Lyon, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Institut National de L'Audiovisuel
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:20:13
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