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Bobsledding; Soviet War Memorial

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1794 | Film ID: 4156

"Frauenschönheit der Südsee" Water lily, family bathing/washing clothes in a river, possibly in Southeast Asia. CUs of women's faces. A group of people carry baskets. More CUs of women sitting in a field. Women perform a ceremonial dance, men play the drums. CU of man smoking pipe along with other CUs of men and women.

01:03:50 Degeto logo. Animated title with characters sledding, "Bobrennen." A bobsled race. Large group of spectators looks on in the stands. One competitor falls off his sled (slow motion). Large ski lift brings small group and sled up to a platform. More shots of the race. 01:06:55 Nazi banners alongside the track. One sled with "Italia" on the front.

01:08:01 Degeto logo. Pan, soldiers stand in formation. Four officials stand on a platform near the Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten (Berlin) with American, British, Soviet and French flags, possibly for the dedication in November 1945, and a large procession of Allied troops ensues, including a marching band. CUs, officials. 01:09:08 Street views, soldiers on foot and military vehicles pass by. Pan of buildings, streets, rubble, a trolley goes by in the center of the street. Traveling shots of the destruction in Berlin at the Pariser Platz and Brandenburg Gate. More ruins. The Soviet War Memorial. Street views with barbed wire fencing and a guard at his post. A small white dog runs around.

Event:  1945
Berlin, Germany
Southeast Asia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of West Virginia and Regional History Center
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:08
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