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Film | Accession Number: 1996.166 | RG Number: RG-60.5083 | Film ID: 3891, 3892, 3893, 3894

Scenes of Kraków, Poland, including Nisko, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Wieliczka, and Mielec.

FILM ID 3891 -- White 85 Nisko 1-7
00:20 A gloved hand holds up "Nisko 1” in front of a snowy backdrop. Snowy fields in a rural area. Simple wooden fence with low, grey buildings on the horizon. "Nisko 2” Snowy fields. Riverbank. “Nisko 2” The river. Snowy fields, with one tree, bare of leaves, in the middle. Two trucks drive along a road in the far-off horizon. More trees and the river. “Nisko 3” The river. Another snowy field. Trees; some appear to still have leaves. Patches of green grass are visible through the snow. Road sign: “Nisko 4, Rzeszow 63.” Paved roadway. A car drives along this road towards and past the camera. CU of the road sign. “Nisko 4” sign upside down in front of the shot. "Nisko 5” in front of the road sign. LS of the road sign. Shaky as the camera zooms in on a passing train. Street sign: “Janow Lub 16, Lublin 94.” Trucks. Snowy fields. INT of the car in which the cameraperson is riding. Image cuts out at 04:34.

FILM ID 3892 -- White 85 Cracovie 99-103
00:10 Crooked shot of low brick buildings, people walking along snowy sidewalks. “Wie 2 [Wielicka 2]” A large green and stone building with a big arched window. People in winter coats walk along the street in front. Truck. Family walks along the sidewalk; the woman pushes a stroller and they walk past a statue. Benches and stone buildings, including one with a tall spire. Many pedestrians. 01:45 Sound: a man says “It’s running.” "Cracovie 100” Bearded man with a cigarette in his mouth hits a boom mic with the sign. Parking lot and buildings. CU on sign: “Bohaterow Getta.” Snowflakes fall. Cars drive by. A woman runs across the street. A voice behind the camera says, “Stop.” More cars pass. Grey buildings, a parking lot, busy highway. Bearded man hits the boom with "Krakow, 100-A. Stop.” "Cracovie 101” Parking lot. Street. Silent. A streetcar. Buildings, a small square, many pedestrians. “Hotel Europejski” Pedestrians run to catch the streetcar. Large white building with columns. Yellow building with “PKP”sign. Pedestrians. Truck loaded with boxes. More pans. LS of the PKP building. INT of a car. Illegible slate. Image cuts out at 06:20.

FILM ID 3893 -- White 85 Piotrkow Trybunalski
00:20 People gathered outside of a low wooden building. Cows in a green field, farm. A tall red post with a sign: "Piotrkow Trybunalski.”The cameraperson walks forward. Shaky pan, then 360 view of farmhouses, cows, and a briefly-visible figure standing by the road. Image cuts out at 01:27.

FILM ID 3894 -- Wieliczka and Mielec 1-6
00:10 Driving along a snowy road; other cars and trucks. Signs: “Miasto I Gmina” “Wieliczka” “Turystow” “Wita” "Bochnia 30, Tarnow 72, Rzeszow 152, Medyka 250, Lwow 331.” Passing by trees and low houses. Brief INT of the car. “Mielec” windows of a building, sign: “Bar Starowmiejski.” Town square, surrounded by two-story buildings. Pedestrians. Red-brick building. People, bundled in warm clothing and hats, wait by a bus station shelter. Town square. Trucks, cars, and a tank. People board a bus. Driving on a rural road alongside train tracks and electrical towers. INT car. Two men riding in an open horse-drawn cart. Road sign: “Mielec.” The countryside from the inside of the car. Red-brick and wood farm-style buildings. Image cuts out at 06:20.

Krakow, Poland
Created by Claude Lanzmann during the filming of "Shoah," used by permission of USHMM and Yad Vashem
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:48
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