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Jawohl, in Roosevelt-Amerika herrscht Meinungsfreiheit...

Object | Accession Number: 1990.333.49

German propaganda poster issued in 1939, from the Parole der Woche (Word of the Week) series. The poster references America’s Freedom of Speech and accuses the United States of censuring voices critical of Jews. As proof, the poster claims that Father Charles Coughlin, an extremist, antisemitic radio personality during the 1930s was unfairly censured for his broadcasts attacking Jews. The text then compares father Coughlin to George Mundelein, the Archbishop of Chicago, and a critic of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, saying that he is allowed to speak because he is subservient to the Jews. The poster also falsely implies that US President Franklin Roosevelt is being influenced by Jews. In reality, Coughlin was ordered off the air by his superiors within the church, and was being investigated for denouncing America’s entry into World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. The Nazis used propaganda to buttress public support for the war effort, shape public opinion, and reinforce antisemitic ideas. As part of their propaganda campaign, the Nazis created the Word of the Week Series of posters (also referred to as Wandzeitung, or wall newspapers), which began distribution on March 16, 1936. Each week, new posters were placed in public places and businesses to be viewed by as many people as possible. Posters were the primary medium for the series, but smaller pamphlets which could be plastered on the back of correspondence, were also produced. The posters targeted the Nazis’ early political adversaries, Jews, Communists, and Germany’s enemies during the war. The series was discontinued in 1943.

Alternate Title
Yes, in Roosevelt-America there is freedom of expression ...
Word of the Week
Series Title
Parole der Woche
publication/distribution:  1939
publication: Munich (Germany)
distribution: Germany
Nazi propaganda
Political posters.
Credit Line
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection
Record last modified: 2021-02-10 09:46:09
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