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Hunting scenes in Brandenburg province; Group of Sinti

Film | RG Number: RG-60.6983 | Film ID: 4356

AGFA 1939. Hunting scenes in Brandenburg province [Location based on car registration shown in minute 11 - IE 38214]. Tracking shot from car on dirt road, countryside. Bouncy views. Animals running in field - LS. Deer, fox. Dog retrieves birds. Two dogs retrieving geese. Dog carries fox in mouth.

01:02:45 (b/w) Sinti group. Wagon, woman, clutter, small dog, pail steaming on fire. Boys, 8 or 9 kids, pose for camera. Toss a dead fox. Woman walks up.

01:03:57 (color) More hunting and retrieving. Dog, man with rifle, two adult women. Very pretty shots, still fields. 01:05:20 Rabbit running. Geese take off. Deer leaping. Dog running, brings back goose (?) Hay. Snow. Sled and woman. B/w footage from sleigh. Pretty, shot from behind horse. Dog with rabbit. Men hunting, silhouetted in low light. Pheasants in snow, scatter. 01:07:50 Dog, white and brown spaniel, goes after hare. Herd of white-tailed deer run across field. CU very young deer. Convertible car drives up and past. License plate IE 38214 [Province of Brandenburg] Dim color. Hunter with rifle and dogs, out of car, through woods. Dogs wait, recline. Obey “stop” hand signal. Field of deer. Binoculars. Hunter squats, aims, hits deer in distance. Retrieval with dogs. Blood trail. Dogs locate. Deer with antlers. Deer, snow, dog down hole. 17 foxes hanging on pole, carried across yard. Boy and dog.

Event:  approximately 1939
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:21
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