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Driving tour of Berlin, Frankfurt, and Wiesbaden in ruins

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1930 | Film ID: 4227

Road framed by trees. Berlin in ruins. The damaged Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church with a large empty circle that was once the rose window. Buildings to the left and right of the church have also been badly damaged in the air raids. Side of a building: “Burgfeller.” Only the exterior walls of these buildings remain. People walk along the sidewalk. Repeat shots of the church and the surrounding buildings.

01:04:29 Two women and a man by a statue in a garden. The blonde woman and man in front of a large estate, calm lake. They look at a statue and climb to the palace entrance. Shot of trees from a moving car. Canoeing on a lake. House: “ICH-ZAEHLE-NUR-DIE HEITEREN-STUNDEN.” Ruins. Boys walk down the street, past a red car. Homes with unfinished or destroyed roofs, rafters exposed. The red car again. Views of the passing streets from a moving car. More houses in a small town. Woman and man walk towards the camera. The man (seen earlier). Woman and dog.

01:09:07 Piles of rubble in Frankfurt. Fragile walls of buildings. “VISITORS BUREAU” sign next to a German flag. Car with the Coca-Cola logo. Busy street. On the corner is “Cafe Schwarte.” Trolleys, “FRANKFURT POST EXCHANGE.” Nazi flag. Poster advertisements for the film, “DIE ZEIT MIT DIR.” A man directs traffic. “Little Theater” with ticket booth. More of the destruction in the city. Enormous piles of rubble. “DIE WELT”, “4711 Die Weltmarke.” The sidewalk is crowded with pedestrians. 01:13:18 “GOETHE-AUSSTELLUNG” where the Goethe House once stood before being destroyed. More destruction. Large baroque style building (church?) with a clock tower. Rubble. Cars fill up at a gas station. Sign: “NASSAUER DEP. AREA” “ENGINEER MOTOR POOL” “PRESS CENTER” Posters advertise the “Freund-Quartett.” Weeping willows over a pond. A sign on a tree, “OFF LIMITS TO ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL FROM 2300 TO 0600 MMS.” Classical statue across the water.

01:15:42 Hessisches Staatstheater in Wiesbaden with obelisks decorating the grounds and a classical style portico. A statue of Friedrich Schiller in front of the building. A wall of arches once attached to a building stands alone in front of piles of rubble and metal rods. Theatre building, Wiesbaden Kurhaus, fountain. A building being repaired. Banner. Bronze statue of Kaiser Friedrich III with an inscription “UNSEREM KAISER FRIENDRICH IN LIEBE UND DANKBARKEIT.” More rubble. People exit “TRUMAN HALL” They smile at the camera. An American flag on a tall pole waves in the wind. They drive down the street. More destroyed buildings. Street signs: “Dünkelbergsteig,” and “Krohoprinzenallee.”

01:18:55 More damaged buildings seen from a moving vehicle (Berlin?). Various shops: “Bristol konditorei restaurant,” “Louis Werner Suwelier,” and “Electrola.” Pedestrans. “DER TAGESSPIEGEL” Advertisement for “Renaissance Theater.” The severely damaged Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Pile of metal scraps. Theater advertises, “DRAUFGANGER.” People sit at tables outside of a restaurant. Shops. 01:22:46 Soldier walks on the street with two women and a dog. 01:22:54 Shops, church. More badly damaged buildings. American flag. The red car from earlier. Woman with four children. Ruins. “Podibelskialle” entrance to the underground railway station. Two women stand near “Schorlemerallee.” Tennis courts in use. Parking lot. “AMERICAN FORCES NETWORK U.S. ARMY-NAVY.”

01:25:19 Police trucks: “FUR SOZIALE GERECHTIGKEIT!” “FREIHEIT FUR BERLIN” Crowd in the market square. Banners hang from a damaged building on the edge of the square. A band plays. Young girl walks across a pile of rubble. Women sell drinks. Nurses and men with a rolled up flag stand in the yard of a damaged house. Policemen exit a car.

Event:  1945?
Berlin, Germany
Wiesbaden, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:50
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