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Burial; Wehrmacht march in the Netherlands; propaganda march

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1927 | Film ID: 4224

Planes fly over the sea. Long pier. Seaside district of Scheveningen, Holland. 01:01:10 Intertitle “Die Fischerflotte kegrt heim.” Rough waves, beach, boats in the ocean, the fishing fleet. Sailboats push against the current. Sun over calm waters. Fishing fleet in the choppy sea. Woman on a balcony. 01:02:38 Intertitle: “Rückkehr vom Feindflug.” Crowded beach. Five planes. Grave covered in flowers with an inscribed cross and a plane propellor. Another grave. Rough waves rolling in the ocean. 01:03:30 Soldiers lined up at attention. They follow drill commands at an official burial ceremony.

01:03:55 Intertitle: “Erster Grosser Wachaufzugs Gravenhage.” Military parade in the Hague. Marching band and soldiers march through the rain. Spectators. Officers. 01:05:00 Intertitle: “Der Wehrmachtsbefehls-haber in den Niederlanden General der Flieger Christiansen.” Friedrich Christiansen, the commander of the German Wehrmacht in the Netherlands, salutes the soldiers and walks down the street with other officers. 01:06:11 Intertitle: “Der Vorbeimarsch.” Military march. Intertitle: “Besten dank für die Musik Herr Stabsmusikmeister!” An officer thanks the bandmaster. Soldiers load onto trucks. 01:07:39 Intertitle: “Der Dank gilt auch dem hollandischen Polizei-inspekteur.” He thanks the Dutch Police Inspector on horseback. German soldiers in trucks. The Wehrmacht officers walk down the street, behind them a man rides a bike attached to a cart that reads, “AANLEG ONDERHOUD.” 01:08:48 Intertitle: “Wiederholung des Grossen Wachaufzug. - An einem regenreichen Tage.” “Tausende Um Säumen die Strassen.” Crowd on the sidewalk, some holding umbrellas. The marching band plays. The man who thanked people before walks down the street. 01:09:38 Intertitle: “Der erste Generalstabsoffizier Oberst Schwabedissen.” Col. Schwabedissen salutes soldiers. The march continues, spectators watching attentively from the sidewalk. The Colonel salutes as the parade goes by. Officers return to the building.

01:11:52 Intertitle: “Pferdefreundschaft.” Horses tied up to a fence. Intertitle: "Propagandamärsche.” Soldiers march, large church in BG. Band stops to play. Ceremony with five soldiers.

Hague, Netherlands
Scheveningen, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:50
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