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Festival in Bayreuth; House of German Art in Munich

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1926 | Film ID: 4223

“Ufa Schmalfilm Magazin” / UFA film logo / “Nr. 43” “Beute im Werte von hunderten von Millionen Mark.” Rows and rows of small carts in a field, some covered. A pile of soldiers helmets. Aerial view of a city. Smokestacks. Nazi officers walk alongside piles of weapon parts. INT weaponry facility. Men pour water from a metal cylinder. Steel rods. Neatly stacked rows of German bombs.

01:01:43 Intertitle, “Friedliche Leben in Deutschland.” Bayreuth Festspielhaus. People walk under banners that read, “Herzlich Willkommen in Bayreuth,” and “Suheee! Deutschland bist Du!” Nazi flags. More people walk under a banner that reads, “Wie beußen unleven fubree Den feldhoven und Sieger in Dankbarkeit!” People parade past a large building with a Nazi flag flying from it. They arrive at the Festspielhaus. Nazis gather outside the theatre. 01:02:31 CU of armband, “Reisebegleiter Kraft durch Freude Gau Sudetenland.” Officers smile. Cars move up a wooded street. Children salute and push each other. 01:02:58 Hitler arrives in a car with other Nazi officials for the Bayreuth Festival. Winifred Wagner is first to greet him with a handshake. He then shakes the hands of other people in the doorway and salutes them. A crowd of people raise their arms in salute. Hitler on the balcony of the Festspielhaus. He salutes the crowd. SS men struggle to keep the crowd contained. 01:03:34 Hitler salutes from a window. Someone behind him films or photographs. More of the crowd going wild as Hitler salutes. 01:04:02 Hitler delivers a speech in a hall with high ceilings and large swastika banner.
01:04:17 Artwork in the House of German Art in Munich, Germany Hitler explores the Great German Art exhibition. A large male nude sculpture by Adolf Wamper. Followed by a crowd, Hitler walks through the museum, stopping to study some of the works. 01:04:32 Heinrich Himmler on the left. Classical sculpture. They walk into a room with a statue of an elk by Harry Christlieb. Hitler observes landscape and portrait paintings. A painting by Paul Junghanns of a man working in a field with three gigantic clydesdales pulling a plow. Hitler gestures to a statue of a woman. Then he studies a sculpture in relief. Large marble portrait bust of Friedrich II of Prussia by Josef Thorak.

01:06:25 Intertitle, “Seeschlacht im Mittelmeer” [Sea battle in the Mediterranean]. Ship with “MC” on side races across the Mediterranean Sea. Multiple destroyers on the water. A biplane takes off from the side of a ship. Navy men on board watch through binoculars. Other ships seen over gun barrels. Men flash lights on and off, others spin the wheels at their posts. The ships race across the sea. The guns move, finding their target. They fire, hit the water, explode. More shots fired. Some hit their targets while others explode in the water. Enormous dark smoke clouds trail from the ships that were hit.

01:09:20 Intertitle, “Bomben auf England” [Bombs on England] Two men use a crank to start the engine of military plane. The propeller spins and the plane takes off. More German planes take off from a field. Aerial view from within airplane, flying in formation with the other planes surrounding it. A ship in the water below. An abandoned ship lays on its starboard side in the water. The coast of England. German bomber plane releases bombs. Massive clouds of smoke appear over the land. Ends with the “UFA”

Munich, Germany
Bayreuth, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:12:52
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