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Speech about Christian merchants in Hungary, 1942

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1845 | Film ID: 4183

Magyar Híradó 944. An intertitle reads “KERESZTÉNY KERESKEDELEM. M.F.I- HORVÁTH TÖRÖK SARDI.” A grand chandelier with many lights hangs from the ceiling. There is a split-color flag with the symbol of a bird in flight holding a seal that says “BAROSS SZOVETSEG” with a sun motif. A table of seated men and one woman, a denser crowd of seated men on the level behind them, and young boys in uniform in front. In the middle, the President of the Association for Christian Merchants addresses the audience. WS of the audience members. Men and women sit separately. Flags in the BG. The men at the front of the room stand and the president continues speaking. In the FG, palm fronds and torches. View from a balcony above. The president continues his speech. The young men with palm fronds and torches exit, walking in pairs. The president of the Association continues speaking, reading from the paper in front of him. Balcony view of the audience. More shots of the president speaking and the audience watching. The chandelier and flag above. The president finishes his speech and the audience claps.

Event Date
1942 March
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute
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