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Jews forced to labor in Hungary

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1851 | Film ID: 4189

Magyar Híradó 816. Intertitle: “MÁTÉSZALKA. A VIII. közérdekíí munkaszolgálatos zászlóalj út-építési munkálatai. M.F.I.-KISS E.” Forced labor battalions constructing roads. Men dig shovels and pickaxes into the dirt. Others unload materials from wagons alongside a pile of large rocks next to train tracks. WS of the labor battalions working in a field. Some move wheelbarrows full of rocks and others keep digging in the dirt. Others in the battalion work on breaking up the large rocks into smaller ones using sledgehammers. Behind them, officers survey their work. Men kneel down and hammer away at smaller sized rocks to continue breaking them into tinier pieces. Men smooth over soil behind a farming machine that officers stand on. Steamrollers in the BG. On the side of a dirt hill, men use shovels to smooth down the dirt. One man surveys their work. At the base of the hill, forced laborers march along the road, followed by laborers carrying wheelbarrows. Workers digging a ditch alongside a road. MS, legs of the battalion men as they march. The soldiers march from the front, with an officer riding a bike behind them.

Event Date
1939 October
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute
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