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1922 funeral of a Jew

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1856 | Film ID: 4193

Concordia Film 2. “Az áldozatok temetése” (The victim’s funeral) and a decorative border with CONCORDIA FILM at the bottom. Men in coats stand in front of the glass windows of a shop, price tags attached to every item. “Mintegy 20000 ember vett részt az áldozatok temetésén” (About 20,000 people attended the victim’s funeral). The crowd dressed in dark colors. Bearded man. “A közismert amerikai Pedlow kapitány a temetésen” (The well-known American captain Pedlow at the funeral). A man in uniform (Pedlow?) thumbs through a book. More shots of the funeral crowd. “Az áldozatok hozzátartozói”. Simon Goldberg’s family. A woman in a black veil walks through the crowd with two men at her side. Other family members move through behind them, everyone donning hats. “Utolsó rögök…” Men and young boys dig at the dirt next to a stack of wooden planks. The crowd watches. “A feldiszitett sirok” Decorations on the tombs. There is a small nameplate on a metal rod topped with a Star of David that reads “Goldberg, Simon” with Hebrew beneath it. The nameplate is among funeral wreaths and wide-striped ribbons. CU, nameplate of “Polgúr Sánde” with a Star of David and Hebrew beneath. Another one says “Pesti Alfré” amongst a funerary mound of branches and banners. All the mounds. The funeral nameplates of “Kerèny Arnol” and “Szegö Mikso”. Another view of the funerary mounds next to each other.

Event Date
1922 April
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute
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