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Nazi parade in Berlin

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1860 | Film ID: 4209

Nazi party flags hanging from the side of a building along the Pariser Platz in Berlin. Crowd. People lineup, awaiting the parade. More Nazi flags. Pan up to sky and back to more flags and spectators standing. A colonnade has been erected in the middle of the street. This is Unter den Linden, a boulevard in Berlin. Swastikas top the first two columns.

10:01:42 The Brandenburg Gate, with people lining up in preparation for the parade. Huge crowds move through the square. Cars drive through the gate, spectators wave. CU of the car passengers. Luftwaffe planes fly in formation overhead. More planes fly over the Pariser Platz. Nazi party leaders move through, one salutes the crowd on both sides. CU of the Quadriga (four horse chariot) atop the Gate. Cars continue to drive through, spectators extend their arm in the Nazi salute. Marching band preparing to parade. The columns along Unter den Linden, topped with the eagle on a swastika, the emblem of the Nazi party. Rows of Nazi flags wave on the building in the BG. Two men ride through on a sidecar, the one in the sidecar holds a flag. Four people in white uniforms drive through. A conductor directs the brass section of the band. The marching band, soldiers, and civilians march. Officers hand out swastika flags. Other flags are circulated to spectators. A woman carrying multiple flags rushes across the street. A large green white and red flag flies above. The flag of Spain next to the Nazi flag. The Condor Legion fought with the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. More cars carrying officials through the Pariser Platz.

10:08:26 WS of the Brandenburg Gate and the parade crowd. The Spanish flag hangs from the center of the gate. Soldiers line up to march. The parade begins as they come through the Brandenburg Gate. Spectators wave and salute. CU of the marching band. Soldiers march in perfect formation. A woman stands in an open window, with fabric draped over the balcony. She waves, holding some other fabric. People circle around a hose and splash water on their faces, rinse their hands. Some fill water bottles. The parade goes on, soldiers march.

Event:  1939 June 06
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:44
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