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German soldiers in Germany

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1863 | Film ID: 4210

With German intertitles. Scenes filmed by Lieutenant Edgar Forsberg of the 257 German Infantry following the collapse of the Polish army on October 6, 1939. "Mit dem Stab der 257. Inf. Div. im Krieg (schwarzweiss film)” “Tankabwehr an der Strasse Einod-Gersheim nordl. Von Webenheim” Trucks driving. A tank is buried into the side of a hill. “Offene Feuerstellung einer 10 cm Kanonenbatterie Nordausgang Herbitzheim.” A cannon at the base of a tree in a field. “Auf der landstrasse im Bliestal.” A soldier gets into a car on the road. “Gesprengte Eisenbahnbrucke bei Breitfurt.” A soldier walks across a destroyed railway bridge collapsed into the water, near Breitfurt, Germany. Water flows through the blasted bridge. A soldier uses a stick to see how deep the water is.

10:16:32 “Tankabwehrbunker auf der Truppacher-Hohe.” A tank gun or cannon points out of a bunker. Soldiers walk around, some look at the camera. “Artilleriebeobachtung auf dem husarenberg bei Medelsheim. Im Hinterfrund der ttt schlosshube.” Soldiers dig through rubble. “Bilder aus Medelsheim” Medelsheim buildings and streets. Two soldiers carry a large jar. “Gutgetarnte Stellung zweier SFH 18 bei Seyweiler.” Open fields in Seyweiler, Germany with two camouflaged sFH 18 howitzers. “Bilder aus walsheim.” Rubble in Walsheim. “Von der Walsheimer Brauerei wird ‘Freibier’ geholt.” Free beer from a local brewery is wheeled in by soldiers. Other soldier bring in weapon parts. “Eine reifenpanne in Walsheim.” A soldier attempts to fix a flat tire in Walsheim, Germany. 10:19:10 “Gesprengte Brucke bei Herbitzheim.” A river in Herbitzheim. “M.-G.-Stand am Bahndamm Sudausgang Gersheim, getarnt durch ein Bretterhauschen.” Something camouflaged on a railway embankment. “Gesprengte Bliesbrucke bei Gersheim” Bombed bridge in Gersheim, Germany. “Am Bahnhof Gersheim” “Bilder aus Seyweiler” Buildings in Seyweiler, a district of Gersheim, Germany. A soldier walks towards the camera on a cobblestone street. “Oberauerbach von der Schnecken-Hohe aus.”

Event:  October? 1939
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:44
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