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Prewar Warsaw city scenes

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1890 | Film ID: 4222

Reel 3. A rural landscape from a train as it quickly moves by. Windmills. A boat on a canal. More waterways. Farmland. Women and children walk on a sidewalk. Buildings with scaffolding along the front. The Old Town Square in Warsaw. Doors open on a balcony. A woman holding her son. People outside of Holy Cross Church. A street corner and the building above. A woman pours cups of water on the sidewalk. A shoeless boy on the sidewalk. Children gather on steps in a doorway. A woman sits with her son on her lap. Another mother sits with her child who is eating soup. Plants. Through an iron gate, view of a man sitting outside, some kind of interior courtyard. A man walks up stairs in an alley. Children stand on the sidewalk in front of a doorway, next to a laundromat: “PRALNIA BIELIZNY NEMICZNA”. The children attempt to climb up a pole. A woman and child walk along the sidewalk. Scaffolding on all the buildings. More women and children on sidewalks and in doorways. A girl in a white dress with a flower crown. Men dressed in suits and hats exit a building. Many of them carry umbrellas and folders. A woman walks down the street with a bundle. A boy plays a viola. Men exit vehicles and enter the building seen earlier. They have folders and briefcases, some have canes or umbrellas. A man gets out of a horse-drawn carriage and walks towards the building. Two women enter. More men enter the building. A man walks the two women from before back out on the street and directs them up the block. One elegantly-dressed woman carrying a stack of folders enters the building, smiling at the camera. A man tips his hat to the camera. Very brief view of troops behind an obelisk with a wreath on the side.

Film Collection Title
Oscar R. Houston Collection
Event Date
Warsaw, Poland
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Northeast Historic Film
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Record last modified: 2018-11-27 10:54:34
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