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Germans awaiting deportation from Horovice; Soviet soldiers arrive in town; funeral procession

Film | Accession Number: 2016.567 | RG Number: RG-60.1899 | Film ID: 4200

Brief shot filmed in the 1960s of a group of young children and people standing in the street in Hořovice. 00:12 Town hall in Palacky Square in 1945 with a group of Germans awaiting deportation. German troops leave. Trucks. Soldiers walk along a road, carrying gear. A member of the Revolutionary Guard on the phone. They set up a machine that acts as a telescope/binocular for them to enhance their sight of the surrounding area and monitor airspace. They look over a map. Two soldiers look out other tools used for better vision. Armed civilians in the square. Soldiers on the rooftop. Men in a window work over a desktop of paper.

01:35 Czechs store bread in bulk warehouse. Work in a bakery. Soldiers march through the street. Food distribution. Men eat their meals and then leave their dishes at a basin where the women wash them. Germans in the square in Horovice - trucks loaded with civilians, pushing wagons full of personal items. Czechs condemn them, particularly older women. HAS, people gathered in the townsquare. Wreckage of military cars and an armored personnel carrier.

04:02 Soviet soldiers arrive in vehicles and parade the streets in front of the Horovice town hall, crowds waving to them from both sides. The soldiers salute and wave back. Some wave flags. People watch from the corner of a rooftop. The parade continues with more soldiers moving through, some piled on top of tanks. The column passes the hotel building. After the procession has stopped, the crowd begins to disperse. CU, soldier with machine gun belt around his neck, celebrated with others. Pan, girls in costumes. CUs of soldiers and women. Soldiers listening to a man speak.

07:45 Soldiers gathered for a commemorative ceremony. Coffins. Funeral procession. The families in mourning walk behind the carriages. A large crowd processes. Men lift the coffin. 09:03 Scenes from the 1960s - small group of young children wearing matching outfits in Old Town Square in Prague. Pioneers from town of Horovice walk towards square and lay wreaths: "Here fell 8.5 Šlosar 1945 Hynek and Karel Janecek from Hořovic." Wreath from the party committee.

Event:  May 1945 to 1969
Horovice, Czechoslovakia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Národní filmový archiv
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:49
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