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Infantry; roadblocks; First Army at Nordhausen

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1906 | Film ID: 4237

LIB 5342 Tanks and Infantry Firing Near Tarnbach, Germany (?) April 9, 1945
LSs, smoke rises from shell hits in distant mountainous area. Short scene, trucks full of soldiers and a US tank passes through town. MCU, soldier fires rifle from behind tank. CU, officer of 87th Infantry Division speaks over field phone directing operations in wooded area while looking at a map. MSs, CUs, infantrymen of 345th Regiment, 87th Division and M-4 tanks of 743th Tank Battalion fire on German positions in wooded area. US infantrymen firing and taking new positions in wooded area.

LIB 5452 Roadblocks Osterode, Germany April 12, 1945
VS, bulldozer of 237th Battalion Engineers, First US Army, VII Corps, clears road of fallen trees and abandoned vehicles while a group of soldiers stands watching. MSs, CUs, German prisoners assist US soldiers in rolling logs to side of road; bulldozer clears road for passage of soldiers in vehicles. MSs, CUs, US tank burning on side of road. CU, hole at side of tank. LS, Mss, German 88mm gun pushed to side of road. Short scene, refugees moving back into city.

LIB 5453 First Army Advance Nordhausen, Germany April 11, 1945
Directional signs, one points left to Groẞbodungen 1 km away, and the other points right to Mackenroade in 10 km and Epscheorode in 4 km. MPs of 3rd Army Division line up German prisoners and search them. Short scene, road leading toward Nordhausen with road marker to right of screen. MSs, CUs, soldiers of F Company, 2nd Battalion, 414th Regiment, 104th (Timberwolf) Division, speak to girls who were slave laborers. The girls wear a “P” on their blouses to denote that they are Polish. One of the soldiers points towards the P on the girl’s jacket. Short scene, US soldier takes a drink from civilian. Severely damaged house. MS, soldiers of company B, 33rd Regiment, wash themselves alongside of tank. VS 104th Infantry Division moving through wrecked city of Nordhausen. Buildings completely reduced to rubble. Pan shot, extreme bomb damage to area. CU, personnel carrier half-track loaded with soldiers passing by and raising clouds of dust.

Event:  April 9-12, 1945
Nordhausen, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Douglas Hackney in memory of Zane L. Strickland
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:49
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