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Roma in Hungary 1944

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1909 | Film ID: 4240

Hungarian intertitles. “A csentei gederr (cigány település) messze a falvak népétõl…” Two young girls and a boy wander through a field of tall grasses on the edge of a forest. The two girls sit down in the grass on a slope. The tall grain sways in the wind. Intertitle: “Feltünnek a földbevájt kunyhók.” A vast field with a few trees on the horizon. Children run. The kids smile and sing. Women and children use a pot to cook on the ground. They are in tattered clothing. Intertitle: “az ebéd…” Someone uses a spoon to move around the food in the pot over the flame. Huts. Intertitle: “a bagó minden…” A nicely dressed man passes out chewing tobacco to a frenzy of children. A child smokes. Intertitle: “Matuzsálem és neje.” A man whittles, wife and a child nearby. They look at the camera. More of the homes. Children run. Intertitle: “Szép nagyságos úr! Bides a szám.” Child smoking again. A well dressed woman and two young girls interact with the children. A woman steps out of a hut carrying a baby. The children play. They line up and raise their arms at the camera, appearing to chant something. One of the nicely dressed girls from before plays with the children in a field, holding something they want from her in her hand above her head. The sun shining over the field. Ends with “ezek is emberek és 1944-et irunk.”

Film Title
A csentei gederr
Event:  approximately 1944
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Unknown Film Source
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:15
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