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Assassination plotters' HQ; Mussolini; military vehicles; burning villages; American POWs; V-1

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1988 | Film ID: 4267

Reel 1: (1) INT bomber headquarters where attempt was made on Adolf Hitler's life on July 20. (2) Hitler meets Benito Mussolini's train in Germany, converses with him and Heinrich Himmler outside headquarters, and with Hermann Goring bids Mussolini farewell at train station. (3) Albert Speer decorates German engineers and escorts Hitler and German officers through steel plant. Comparing the performance of the German "Panther" and U.S. "General Lee" tanks, and antiaircraft weapons ""Panzerfaust"" and ""Panzer-schredk."" (4) Animated map of Eastern front along Estonian-Lithuanian border. German artillery retreats to new defense lines; German soldiers dynamite railroad tracks and retreat from burning village with civilian evacuees. German small arms and artillery fire damage Soviet tanks and equipment. (5) German planes bomb Soviet positions.

Reel 2: (6) Animated map shows English and French coastlines. German troops load trucks with ammunition and move out. U.S. bombers pass over camouflaged convoy on mission; U.S. bombers attack French coal-mining town. German infantry and tanks move along French road. (7) U.S. troops overrun German positions. German troops hide from U.S. artillery fire in woods as German artillery returns fire. U.S. tanks pass through French village within sight of German troops. Unmanned, guided tank, ""Golisth"", destroys U.S. tank. German troops march U.S. 82d Airborne and 8th Infantry Divisions prisoners, captured in Caen, Normandy, into village. (8) Telescopic camera view of England's coast, and a V-1 bomb flying toward England's coast.

Production:  1944?
Soviet Union
Normandy, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:52
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