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Jewish community of Kastoria, Greece; Sephardic school for children

Film | Accession Number: 2017.323 | RG Number: RG-60.0140 | Film ID: 4268

EXT pan of a building. Children stand outside. Pan, shopfronts with signs in Greek, crumbling stone wall on Metropole Street. A man with hat walks along the street. Houses over a lake, pan coastline. Residences, laundry hanging from balcony. A woman walks in the street. Another woman steps outside her house. A man walks towards her and they shake hands. Cobblestone streets in Kastoria with local people walking around, including Nona, Sol, and Victor Hazan. A woman does the washing in a body of water. A group of men in hats and long jackets walk towards the camera. Pan, building with balconies. [brief black]

People, under umbrellas, walk down the street. Two cobblers sit on the street, cobbling shoes. Kastorians pose for the camera in a shop doorway, including a group of businessmen with Hazan (seen earlier). Outdoor vendors. Hazan shakes hands with another man. More outdoor vendors (fruit, fabric, etc.).

04:02 Unknown location in Greece, a herd of donkeys on a hillside. Local poor people, donkeys mill about. An outdoor marketplace. Meats and shoes for sale.

05:13 Isaac Elias shakes hands with another man in front of a building with a sign in Greek (his money exchange business). HAS, woman weaving on sidewalk. At the Elias residence, an elderly woman holds a baby, flanked by two small children. An elegantly dressed woman joins carrying a baby, posing for the camera. Other men on street posing, adjusting their hats. Brief shot of poor women huddled outdoors on a street. Field with donkeys. A car. The driver poses near to it. Group of men, pose with a donkey. Blacksmith. A man and his lambs; he holds a knife to one lamb’s neck, simulating a kosher kill.

07:40 School at the Sephardic synagogue in Kastoria, doorway with Greek and Hebrew. A boy and a girl stand beside a sign in Hebrew/Ladino: “Hebrew Message to America; Welcome Bocko Mayo... Friendship and truth is the motto of society]” Another girl joins.

Event:  1936?
Kastoria, Greece
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Martin Elias
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:19:32
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