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Wedding; picnic celebration with local Greek Jews; marketplace

Film | Accession Number: 2017.300 | RG Number: RG-60.0148 | Film ID: 4269

Title card: “A Wedding in Kastoria.” A band walks towards the camera and down a set of stairs (not visible) for this Jewish wedding. Wedding guests follow behind in a procession, including Lena Elias and Allegra Confino. Everyone is nicely dressed. Brief shot of the synagogue with a sign in Hebrew above. Guests.

Title card: “Picnic in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Bocko Mayo tendered by Mr. & Mrs. Calif H. Elias at Mavryotsas.” Adults dance the hora. Others relax on the grass. People sitting at a table toast, celebrate, and smile for the camera. Large group poses for the camera.

Title card: “Visiting Relatives in Kastoria**” Family members pose for the camera in front of a stone wall, including Lena and Calev with a baby.

Title card: “The main street (Charshee) Kastoria.” Large group of people and children, pose for the camera in and in front of a doorway. A group of men pose on the street. More groups of men pose in chairs and in front of storefronts. Some of them are merchants in aprons, others in suits and hats.

Title card: “Bazaar in Kastoria.” Street scenes of a crowded marketplace in Kastoria, shop signs. Many people walk around and stop to pose for the camera. The shops have Greek signs. More scenes from the marketplace. The town crier, Benjamin Honen, walks down the street. More marketplace scenes, mostly a Jewish population. Mrs. Mayo. A man puts a horseshoe on a horse. Merchants.

Title card: “Visiting cemetary in Kastoria (Izyara).” Many Kastorians walk on the hillside of a cemetery, posing and waving at the camera, parasols.

Event:  April 14 to July 29, 1937
Kastoria, Greece
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Andrea Matza Grass
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