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Operation of V-1 rocket, animation

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1997 | Film ID: 4267

SUMMARY: This is a three reel composite technical information film on the operation and launching of the FZG-76 (V- 1).
Reel 1. Narrator describes the complete operation and function of all parts as they are portrayed on the screen. Men wheeling V-1 on field. Animated drawing of the rocket showing the breakdown of the parts, such as wings, combustion duct and the fuselage. Animated cut away of the rocket showing the internal parts and their location in unit. Motion pictures of the rocket pointing out the various parts. Men attaching the wing assembly. Animated drawing of the fuel system of the rocket, how the pressure is built up in the fuel tank and its movement into the combustion duct and the combustion within the duct. CU, Movement of the combustion within a duct being test run. CU, Duct, shutter assembly, fuel and starting air supply system and the venturi assembly. CU, Operation of the air shutter ducts. CU, Hands operating starting controls. V-1 rocket on launching ramp. CU, Air shutter ducts in operation. CU, Operation of the course pitch windmill and the air mileage unit. CU, Main directional gyro and parts. Gyro is shaken and rocked to show its operation. CU, Operation of the azimuth and elevator servo motors. CU, Controls of the tailplane and fin assembly. Animated drawing of the V-1 pointing out the tubular bearings for the wing spar, sockets for mechanical fuses, (FUG-23 radio), batteries, removable covers and the trailing antenna.

Film Title
German FZG-76
Event:  1942-1943
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:16:31
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