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Newlyweds visit Venice, Bitola, and London

Film | Accession Number: 2019.152 | RG Number: RG-60.0191 | Film ID: 4352

HAS, Julian and Esther Aresty on a trip to Bitola, probably in Summer 1936 after their wedding on June 18, 1936. The couple was living in Chicago at the time. They stand near the railing of a ship’s deck. Waves pass. People play shuffleboard, talk, and pose for photographs on the deck. A passing ship on the horizon line. Very brief shot of men playing a game on the ship. Pan of the sea and land on the horizon, shots of people on deck. 01:48 HAS, pan of tiled rooftops, Cathedral spire, gardens with a large fountain. Esther stands on terraced steps, waving to the camera. Julian in the countryside. View of canals, buildings, and gondolas. A woman feeds pigeons, probably St. Marks Square in Venice.

03:37 In Bitola (Monastir), Jewish family members stand with Esther in the Jewish cemetery. Ernesta Mayo and Esther Matza Nahmias pose for the camera. Avram Nahmias, Esther Aresty, Stella Nahmias, and Isaac Nahmias pose near bushes. Jules visits the market in an area of Bitola called La Tabeneh, storefronts, children in the street. Scenes include the store of the great merchant Franco Chelebon. A family poses in doorway of shop, the older man seated is Bohor Nahmias. Avram and Isaac Nahmias stand with Victor and Stella in their store "Baruch Franco." MS, Avram and his son Victor in front of the familiy's store "Baruch Franco," CUs shop name. Group of people and man on a donkey.

05:22 Locals at the old bazaar, a busy marketplace in Bitola. Family members (Rachel Nahmias, Esther Aresty, Avram Nahmias, Stella Nahmias, and her children) again pose for the camera; the children fuss (Rachel Nahmias survived the Holocaust in hiding).HAS, cityscape. Family members laugh and dance for the camera, including Tamara and Solomon Aroeste with their children, Shemaya, Ida and Luna, Moishe and Luna Kamchi (Tamara's sister and brother in law) and Sara and Mushon Assael (Tamara's parents). Jules. Sailboats docked on the harbor.

07:41 The American visitors in coats pose on an urban street, probably in London. Military demonstration with a band, parade, CUs. Returning home on the SS Normandie, views of the Statue of Liberty in the distance from the ship, arriving on August 17, 1936. Sailing down the Hudson River. NYC skyline. 09:25 Julian on porch of his home in the US, holding fish for the camera. A man relaxes on a small boat. Trees surround a body of water. Woman with striped kerchief.

Event:  approximately 1936
Bitola, Macedonia
New York, NY, United States
Venice, Italy
London, England
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Sarah Aroeste
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:17:09
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