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Graf Zeppelin; Leipzig fair; 35th birthday

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1056 | Film ID: 4217

AGFA. Title “W.L. Film 1” with silhouette of Walther Lenger’s face. “Leipziger Allerlei!” “Leipziger Fahresschau” “W L 1934, Ein Bild-Bericht von Walther Lenger” “Camera…. Bearbeitung Walther Lenger Projektor….” Lenger works with film reels. “1930” with Walter Lenger film logo. “April 1930: Gelehriger Affe Im Waldrafe.” A small monkey with a chain around its neck eats food. A man in Lederhosen leads it around by the chain. 10:01:53 “5. Oktober 1930: Graf Zeppelin besught Leipzig.” A zeppelin flies over Leipzig. Multiple shots of the Zeppelin in the air. Crowds of people below watch as it lands on a field. The text on the side reads “GRAF ZEPPELIN.” Many men hold the zeppelin down with both hands. Men lean out of the windows of the gondola at the base of the zeppelin. WS of the Graf pans right to show the registration number “D-LZ127.” More of the men in the gondola. “Trumpf Schokolade” airship on the field. Crowds of people stand behind a fence watching.

10:04:08 “1931” “Messe-Propaganda in der Innen-Stadt.” Crowds of people in Leipzig. A mechanical ship moves on the side of a building with the words “Leereise der Steiff Dere mit dem Knopf im Ofir” beneath. 10:04:38 “Leipziger Flugtage”. A man works with the parts of a plane. The plane takes off. Aerial shots of the city. Toy plane flying over a map. Hot air balloons and a crowd. The Leipzig fair. Rollercoaster, slide, carousel, swings, and various other rides. People enjoying themselves at the fair, eating ice cream, and going on the ferris wheel. The fair by night. A funhouse mirror. Fireworks.

10:14:54 "April 1932 Erster Schulgang" Family in city streets. "Rathaus" EXT and INT offices. Women, typewriter. "Mai 1932 Spanische Topfer" Market. "24 Aug 1932 / 35. Geburtstag" Flowers. "Ende"

Event:  1930-1932
Leipzig, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:31
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