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Leipzig Zoo; Autobahn; Berlin Olympics

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1058 | Film ID: 4217

Intertitle: “WL Film 37,” “Walther Lenger zeight: Leipziger Fahresschau 1936.” “April 1936: Die Kleinmesse am neuen Platz (Cottarueg).” The fair ride “Roll Lauf” in a town square in Leipzig. View from a wooden rollercoaster. People smile, sitting in gondolas on a zeppelin-style ride. “Juli 1936: Ein Besuch im Leipziger Zoo.” Flamingos, Ostriches, Giraffes, lions, elephants, bears, hippos, seals and other animals in the Leipzig zoo. Intertitle: “Oktober 1936 Erste Fahrt auf der Reichs-Autobahn.” A man and woman step into the back of a car. The driver takes off down the road. A man runs at the back of a car, holding on. The autobahn, shot from within the car. Intertitle: “100 Fahre Leipzig-Drescher Eisenbahn.” Men move a small train parade float on the street in front of a building with a banner at the top that reads, “100 Jahre Leipzig Dresden.”

Intertitle “Olympiade in Berlin.” “August 1935: Berlin zur Olympiade.” Classical sculptures depicting athletes. The diskus thrower. Olympic flags fly over the streets of Berlin. Intertitle reads, “Inter den Linden Der Volksmund sagt: Kahlbaum-Strasse.” Nazi flags decorate Unter den Linden, a boulevard in Berlin. Cars drive towards the Brandenburg Gate. Women in traditional dresses. An equestrian statue. The Berlin Cathedral, with a row of Nazi banners in front. A nun poses for a photo. 10:31:32 Intertitle: “Olympisches Feuer.” Flags from all the countries participating in the Olympics hang from a building front. Flames blaze from the torch. Neon letters say “HAUS VATERLAND.” Other words read, “KAMMER LICHTSPIETE,” “Leipziger-Hof Restaurant,” and “KEMPINSKI HAUS VATERLAND.” Numerous other shots of neon signs. “CAPITAL,” “GLORIA-PALAST,” “DER JAZZ-KONIG,” “BAHNHOF ZOO.”

10:33:47 Intertitle: “Stadion.” The olympic stadium. Crowds flock to the stadium. Nazi banners fly. Intertitle: “Glockenturm.” People swim laps in a large swimming pool. Intertitle: “Am Müggelsee…” People on a steamboat. Sailboats in a harbor, people walk along the beach. Intertitle: “...befindet sich das Lager der Kanuten.” People outside of a building that says, “INTERNATIONALES ZELTLAGER DES DKV.” Tents across a campgrounds, pennants hang overhead. People talk to the cameraperson. Two men carry a canoe. Women tend to small pots heating on a long table. A woman and a man enjoy a seaside meal, smiling at the camera. Intertitle:”Auf dem Bismarck-Turm brennt das Olympische Feuer.” A fire burns in a pit at the top of a tower, at the bottom hangs Nazi banners. INT a man sips a drink in front of a large window.

10:36:37 Intertitile: “Auf dem ‘Langen See’ bei Grunau holte sich der deutsche Kanusport Olympischen Lorbeer.” Large crowds have gathered in stands along the water to watch the canoe competition. The rowers move swiftly through the water. They repeatedly roll over in their canoes. Some speedboats move through the water. A ship flying an Olympic flag. A woman at a sailboat. Intertitle reads, “Ende.”

Event:  April-October 1936
Leipzig, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:18:03
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