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Jewish family visits Switzerland and Italy prewar

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1071 | Film ID: 4326

In Switzerland, John and Jetje Bed walk toward the camera from the entrance to the Hotel Gotthard. Passing landscape and a sign reading “Bally” shot from a moving car or train. Views of Lucerne from a ferry. The ferry sails past the Vitznau, Switzerland mountain railway (Rigi Bahn) station. Dog sits on a dock and very steep rocky cliffs.

The family exits a train in an (Italian?) town, CUs of each family member as they ride in a horse-drawn carriage. 04:14 John carries a box camera around his neck. John and Jetje play with pigeons in a town square. The family enjoys refreshments at an outdoor café. Camera pans around busy streets with shop sign in Italian, then a bridge over a river (the Arno river in Florence?). The family in a rowboat and then swimming and diving. 10:21 A group of people wearing bathing suits pose and clown for the camera. One of the women in the group holds a box camera. The family leaves a hotel carrying suitcases, which are loaded on top of a car.

River landscapes. The Bed family sails toward Capri, Italy. 14:30 Funicular railway and hillside houses in Capri. A man with a monkey on a leash entertains tourists. Children, including Jetje and John, jump off a platform into the ocean. Family members walk through town and pose for the camera. Ocean views. The family rides in a small boat rowed by an older man. Kaatje combs her hair seaside. 18:46 The family drinks beverages at an outdoor café. Kaatje and Jetje watch women getting water from a spigot in a narrow street. Family looks at a vendor’s wares in a market.

Event:  1939
Lucerne, Switzerland
Capri, Italy
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:18:07
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