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British family on holiday in Germany; SA marching band; Walchensee; Cologne

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1074 | Film ID: 4329

KODAK. Title: Holiday in Germany August 1936. Title: Coblenz. Rhine Shipping Passing Through Bridge of Boats. Ships on the Rhine River. Lots of scratches on film. Title: Coblenz. German Outing Headed by Storm-Trooper Band. SA marching band and civilians march in a parade down a street in Coblenz, Germany. Title identifies Rothenburg as a picturesque medieval town. People walk, bike, and drive in the streets of Rothenburg. Swastika banners hang from several of the buildings. 02:29 Title: Exploring Dinkelsbuhl Marvelous Old Town Full of Color. Color street scenes, with swastika banners visible. The family rows a boat on Lake Walchen (Walchensee) in Kochel am See, Germany. Waterfall. The family sits by the Walchensee. Hotel Post shot from a boat. 05:07 Title: Olympic Games 1936 Held in Germany. (meant humorously - instead of the Olympics, the scenes show Dr. Bates and his son clowning around in a boat, followed by a mock interview with Mrs. Bates). Title: Cologne Cathedral. People Below Look Like Ants! Cathedral and the surrounding streets. Title: Car Ferry across the Scheldt at Antwerp. Title: J.B. 5511 Gone Air Minded. Bates’s car is lifted off the ferry by a crane. JB 5511 is the license plate number. Title: Leaving Ostend. Rough Seas Ahead! Title: Berthing at Dover. Title: The End of a Fine Holiday.

Event:  1936 August
Koblenz, Germany
Rothenburg, Germany
Dinkelsbuehl, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Antwerp, Belgium
Dover, England
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:18:39
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