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Liberated Jews in Kairouan, Tunisia

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1079 | Film ID: 4333

(from previous reel) Wounded soldier, destroyed German tanks (one has the name “Paula” painted on it), and German prisoners of war resting in a field.

00:58 (Entry into Kairouan). A group of people pose for the camera, smiling and making the “V” sign. Most of them have Star of David badges on their clothes. A man and a woman (she wears a white pith helmet) in the center of the group appear to be better dressed than the others. The man holds a dog on a chain leash. British soldiers and young men wearing star badges pose next to a jeep. WS of a street with locals and a couple of British soldiers. 01:27 Two women hold an infant. They form the baby’s fingers into a “V” sign. Two men stand also make the sign. Young man seen earlier still holds the dog by a leash. CU of boys, one wears a star badge. The Mayor of Kairouan shakes hands with Major Hugh Stewart, watched by several men in civilian clothes and British uniforms. Sign on a tree points the way to the Ortskommandantur. War correspondent D’Arcy Danson shakes hands with a “Spahi” (from IWM record). Panning shot of local citizens. Three young women wearing star badges hold up a scarf with VIVE LA FRANCE written across a map of France. Men greet each other, including Major Stewart. Shot up toward the roof where a French flag flies. The building says Controle Civil. British soldiers on various vehicles drive through the streets of the town, greeted by residents. The mayor, now in a suit and standing next to Major Stewart, reads something aloud to a group of people. A crowd disperses at the sound of an alert. German POWs walk through the streets of Kairouan. Destroyed German military equipment and a German soldier’s grave. 04:25 More shots of happy locals, many wearing star of David badges, making the “V” sign at the camera (the woman in the white helmet appears again). British military trucks travelling down a road and over a field.

Production:  1943 April 11
Kariouan, Tunisia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:33
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