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Warsaw after German occupation

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1092 | Film ID: 4336

Shot by unidentified German soldier. HA panning shots of Warsaw showing people in a wide open space, probably after rubble from destroyed buildings was cleared. Camera pans in the opposite direction and shows the Central Railway Station. Ground-level shot of the Hotel Polonia and buildings next to it on Jerozolimskie Avenue. People pass by on foot and in horse-drawn carriages. 00:41 Man (foreground, carrying briefcase) and woman (background, carrying shopping bag) wearing armbands among other pedestrians on Marszalkowska Street. Panning shots around Zbawiciela Place show halted street car, bicyclists, damaged buildings and street lights, pedestrians, shoe-shine men, a church. View of Warsaw across the Vistula River from Praga. Poniatowski Bridge. 01:30 Nice street scenes. Jews wearing armbands on the sidewalk, some look at the camera. A woman carrying a suitcase in both arms walks into the street past the corner of a kiosk with newspapers on display.

01:37 Bridge and skyline on the opposite bank (perhaps Bromberg or Danzig). Sailboats and barges in the river. German soldiers and civilians cross the bridge on foot. Germans on horseback. HAS of German soldiers and pedestrians walking down a sidewalk, a church in the BG. Open area of rubble where buildings have been destroyed. People walking and biking near a church. Slow wide pan of lots of pedestrians on a sidewalk. 02:48 German soldier poses facing the camera in front of the door to a building. INT German officers and men in civilian clothes at a dining table. The man on the far right wearing glasses appears to be the same man who posed at the door. Half-obscured shot of leafless trees and snow on the ground, followed by a shot of the same man in glasses walking toward a modern-looking building all in glass (greenhouse? library?). 03:10 Pedestrians pass and look as three uniformed Germans, including the man with the glasses, stand in the doorway of a building (building where officers were dining?). One of the men gives a Hitler salute and they all smile. The street number of the building is 10. Two little girls have stopped in the doorway and stare at the men the whole time. MCU of the men getting on a tram with many other passengers. A sign with "Nur fuer Deutsche" in the window. 03:41 Good CU of the man in glasses in his Wehrmacht uniform. INT of a coffee house with German and civilian patrons.

03:50 Poznan. HAS of square with a neo-classical building at one end. Uniformed Germans stand in formation and there are swastika banners on poles and on the building. Now at ground-level uniformed men keep spectators back from a row of gliders (Luftwaffe Day?). Shots of the Grand Theatre, with a Pegasus statue on top and Nazi banners along the front. More buildings with swastika banners flying all around them. A man in civilian clothes repeatedly grabs a small deer in an enclosure by its antlers.

05:30 Krakow.Three (different?) men in German uniforms look at the Copernicus Statue on the grounds of the Jagellonian University, then outside the gates to the Wawel Castle Cathedral, then standing outdoors with a priest (?) with his back to the camera. Wawel Castle courtyard. Germans officers sit in a car in a crowded square.

06:17 German Army officers tour mountain area (Tatra Mountains?) observing destroyed Polish fortifications. Five Army officers board a naval vessel in Gdynia. Views of the men on deck, passing ships. Four of the officers board a dinghy and are rowed away from the larger boat. 09:05 Larger group of officers in a field, talking and consulting a map (?). The next shots show the men looking at a building that is either under construction or is damaged. Agfa 1941 on leader.

Event:  Fall 1940 - 1941
Warsaw, Poland
Danzig, Germany
Krakow, Poland
Gdynia, Poland
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:20:52
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