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Wedding of Kurt and Alyse Laemmle

Film | RG Number: RG-60.7001 | Film ID: 4382

Kurt and Alyse marry in Chicago. EXT, Chicago Sinai Congregation building. MCU a group of people get out of a car, including Alyse in a wedding gown. A woman in a white fur coat caries the gown behind her as Alyse walks up the steps of the synagogue. People follow. CU, a man in a brown hat and coat (possibly Alyse’s father?). The bride and groom (Alice and Kurt) walking out of the Emile G. Hirch Center. A woman in a red dress helps Alyse with her gown. CU Alyse and Kurt, as they move in to kiss each other. The newlyweds are joined by a short older gentleman wearing a white hat and black suit (Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Pictures, and Kurt's father's cousin). The wedding guests. Carl is seen talking to Kurt. Pan of wedding guests, CU of the guests, a man talks to Alyse and Kurt.

INT, Alyse and Kurt, in what appears to be somebody's house for a post-wedding reception (there are a variety of pastries and sweets arranged on a table). The guests smile and talk. Older women in black lace talk to the bride. Dark CU of family members posing for the camera. Kurt and Alyse kiss. The couple laughs, and Alyse leans her head on someone's chest, which the camera (still panning) reveals to be Carl Laemmle. He starts laughing as well. Carl Laemmle and the woman he is talking to. More relatives, a man lifts his daughter to be in the frame. The guests talk.

Event:  1937 October
Chicago, IL, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Deborah Blum
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:21:59
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