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Compiled short films by Carl Lutz

Film | Accession Number: 2017.95 | RG Number: RG-60.7151 | Film ID: 4374

Three short/complied films collected or made by Carl Lutz:
Nr. 334 Kurzfilme zu Palästina und der Schweiz [1935 to1956] (01:06:11)
Nr. 335 St. Moritz (Wintersport) [ca. 1928] (00:15:06) [videotape only; this film wasn't shot by Carl Lutz]
Nr. 336 USA (Washington DC, New York) [1930s] (00:13:38) [videotape made around 1990 - the film version is now missing at source archive]

Detailed description of Film Nr. 336:
Women sit in reclining chairs on the deck of the Conte di Savoia. A group, mostly children, poses by the ship’s railing and waves. Title card reads: “Wir passieren die Azoreninseln, wenig bevolkert, bekannt als Zwischenlandungsplatz fur Postflieger der südlichen Atlantik Route.” (Trans. “We pass through the Azores islands, sparsely populated, known as a layover place for mail pilots of the southern Atlantic route.”) Shots of the Azores islands from the ship. Title card reads: “Wir nahern uns Gibraltar, der grössten englischen Seefestung, Berührungspunkt Europas und Afrikas. Sudfruchtehandler bieten den Fahrgästen an langen Seilen Früchtekörbchen zum Kaufe an.” (Trans. “We approach Gibraltar, the largest English naval fortress, the point of contact of Europe and Africa. Fruit traders offer the passengers fruit baskets on long ropes to buy.”) Shots of Gibraltar from the ship. Small rowboats next to the ship. View of sailors on rope pulleys cleaning the ship’s smokestacks. A sign reads “Riservato al comando.” A lifebuoy reads “Rex Genova.” View of waves in the ship’s wake from the side railing. A group of sailors in dark uniforms onboard. More shots of the sailors. Carl Lutz and his wife look out over the ship’s railing. Title card reads: “Neapel. Wir fahren bis in die Stadt hinein. Vesuv.” (Trans. “Naples. We drive into the city. Vesuvius.”) View of the crowded ship deck as it approaches the harbor. A figure waves frantically. A crowd gathers on the dock of the harbor. People disembark the ship, carrying luggage. View of the ship from the dock. Little boy rides a cart pulled by a donkey on the street in Naples. Italian generals walk down the street. Title card reads: “Wir fahren weiter nach Genua. Einfahrt in den Hafen. Die Schiffe variieren zwischen 20,000 bis 35,000 Tonnen. Dazwischen Kriegsschiffe.” (Trans. “We continue to Genoa. Entrance to the port. The ships vary between 20,000 and 35,000 tons. In between warships.”) View of the Genoese coastline from the ship. Title card reads: “Genua. Zwischen den grossen Dampfern einige Kriegsschiffe. Die Klange der Schiffsmusik begleiten uns.” (Trans. “Genoa. Between the big steamships some warships. The sound of the ship’s music accompanies us.”) The harbor in Genoa. Carl stands at the railing of the ship. Views of enormous ships docked in the Genoese harbor. People wait at the railing of the harbor. A band onboard plays. People wave and wave handkerchiefs. Luggage is lowered down to the dock from the ship. Back onboard, a view of the swimming pool on the ship’s deck. Carl walks up the staircase to the railing, waves, and walks towards the camera. A restaurant on the ship’s deck. People sunbathe on the deck. View upwards at the mast. Hazy New York skyline as the ship begins to approach the harbor. Carl and his wife stand at the railing in front of the New York skyline. They pose for the camera. Carl in front of the skyline alone. His wife in front of the skyline alone. The Statue of Liberty. View of the ocean. The side of the ship. Mount Vernon. Carl and his wife walk into frame in front of the house. Title card reads: “Die amerikanische Fahne ist bei solchen Anlassen allgegenwartig. Der amerikanische Arbeiter ist in seiner uberwiegenden Mehrheit national gesinnt.” (Trans. “The American flag is ubiquitous at such places. The overwhelming majority of the American workers are nationally-minded.”) Shots of the parade in Washington, DC from Film Nr. 297. Different school groups and bands march. Title card reads: “Bern, die Bundeshauptstadt.” (Trans. “Bern, the federal capital.”) Scenes and buildings from Bern. Lots of pedestrians and bicycles. People stand in a square looking up at the Zytglogge, a clocktower. Shot of a rock formation amongst the trees. The Bern train station with a train passing through. Title card reads: “Wir fahren weiter nach dem Tessin und passieren die Boromaischen Inseln mit Isola Bella.” (Trans. “We continue to Ticino and pass the Borromean Islands with Isola Bella.”) Shot of small rowboats on the water. Shot of buildings getting smaller as the ship gets further away. Shot of a balcony with water and mountains beyond it. Shot of an ornate garden just on the water. More garden shots. Shot of a village harbor getting smaller. More shots from the parade in Washington, DC. Title card reads: “Der Washington Obelisk wird renoviert. Das Gerust ist nahezu 200 m hoch.” (Trans. “The Washington Monument is being renovated. The framework is nearly 200 meters high.”) View of the streets of Washington D.C. with the Capitol Building in the distance. Closer shot of the Capitol Building. More shots of the parade in Washington, DC.

Event:  circa 1935
Saint Moritz, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
New York, NY, United States
Washington, DC, United States
Atlantic Ocean
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich. Archiv für Zeitgeschichte
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:22:03
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