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Songs of Martyrdom and Hope

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.1979

Cantor Isaac Goodfriend, vocals, with unidentified musicians
Side A Track 1: Ani Maamim (I Believe). (Hebrew) Text: Traditional. Melody attributed to: Azriel David Fastag.
Side A Track 2: Varshe (Warsaw). (Yiddish) Words: Shmerke Kaczerginski. Music: Mikhl Gelbart.
Side A Track 3: Shtiller, shtiller (Quiet, Quiet). (Yiddish) Words: Shmerke Kaczerginski. Music: Alex Wolkowiski.
Side A Track 4: Di zelbe gasn (The Same Streets). (Yiddish) Alternate title: Tsi darf es azoy zayn? (Must it be this way?). Alternate title: Postludium. Words: Kasriel Broydo. Music: Unknown.
Side A Track 5: Moishelekh-Shloimelekh. (Yiddish) Alternate title: Unter di poylishe grininke beymelekh (Under the green trees of Poland). Words: Joseph Papernikov; Music: Israel Alter.
Side A Track 6: Dos elnte kind (The Lonely Child). (Yiddish) Words: Shmerke Kaczerginski. Music: Yankl Krimski
Side B Track 1: In slobodker yeshiva (In the Slobodka Yeshiva). (Yiddish) Words: Avrom Akselrod. Music: Avrom Goldfaden.
Side B Track 2: Yisrolik. (Yiddish) Words: Leyb Rozental. Music: Misha Veksler.
Side B Track 3: Eibik (Eternity). (Yiddish) Words: H. Leivik. Music: Sholom Secunda.
Side B Track 4: Es vet zikh fun tsvaigl tseblien a boym (This Twig Will Bloom Again). (Yiddish) Words: Kasriel Broydo. Music: Yankl Trupianski.
Side B Track 5: Zog nit keynmol az du geyst dem letstn veg (Never Say This is the Last Road). (Yiddish) Words: Hirsh Glik. Music: Daniel and Dmitri Pokrass.

Released:  1983
Record last modified: 2021-07-15 14:10:02
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