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1930 Germany; Cardinal Faulhaber

Film | Accession Number: 2020.209 | RG Number: RG-60.7152 | Film ID: 4490

Title card: "Oberammergau 1930" A town in the distance surrounded by mountains. (00:38) St. Peter and Paul’s church in Oberammergau. (1:05) Buildings with detailed murals, people walking around in lederhosen, fancy suits, and nice dresses. (2:15) Title card: “Einweihung des neuen Buehnenhauses durch Cardinal Faulhaber, Muenchen.” [Inauguration of the new stage by Cardinal Faulhaber, Munich.] Michael von Faulhaber was a senior Catholic prelate and Archbishop of Munich for 35 years, from 1917 to his death in 1952. Children in white robes on a stage. Cardinal Faulhaber and other clergymen walking past. (4:02) People standing in front of a house next to an automobile. Daily life - people, cars and carriages go by. (5:38) Ornate murals on buildings. (8:07) Truck says “Gemeinde Oberammergau” [Municipality of Oberammergau] (8:43) A man and a woman smile for the camera in front of a basket of laundry. (9:06) A very detailed mural on a bank building. (9:36) A man in a suit with white hair is talking and laughing. (9:42) A crowd of people watch as men in an automobile drive by. (10:08) Different groups of people smiling and talking to whoever is behind the camera. (10:38) Closeups of murals and paintings on buildings. (11:16) Crowds of people walking on the street. (12:18) People smiling and posing for the camera. (13:30) Old stone ramparts, with a tower behind them. (14:07) A well in a courtyard. (15:07) A city on a hilly landscape, with many trees, possibly Heidelberg. (15:28) Fireworks display. (16:00) Town square, surrounded by tall buildings that all have triangular roofs, probably Hauptmarkt in Nürnberg. (16:20) An ornate fountain, with a king-figure on top with knights riding horses in the water. (16:50) A fountain with water coming out of a lion's mouth. A boy stands in front of the fountain. (17:12) A building that appears to be built over a waterway. (19:05) An ornate church in the countryside, surrounded by trees. (19:18) A statue of a man in the water, holding a cross above their head. (19:40) A barracks-like structure, with two towers built along the sides of the building. (20:05) Partial sign that reads “Fussweg… Schloss u. Volitvkap…” [Footpath… Castle and Volitvkap…] (20:13) A distant view of Hohenschwangau Castle. (21:24) Aerial view of a city, possible Freiburg, with a very tall clock tower and a church with intricate spires. A market of some kind is taking place.

Event:  1930
Oberammergau, Germany
Nuremberg, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany
Munich, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Metro Theatre Center Foundation
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:15:04
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