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Equestrian events at 1936 Berlin Olympics

Film | Accession Number: 2020.209 | RG Number: RG-60.7153 | Film ID: 4491

Ozaphan Film. Agfa. Title: “Olympische Spiele 1936.” [Olympic Games 1936] 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, from August 1-16. Germany won gold in all equestrian related events, teams and individual. The equestrian dressage happened on August 12-13 on the May Field. Title: “Große Dressurprüfung Major Podhajsky- Österreich Dritter im Einzelwettbewerb” [Dressage test Major Podhajsky-Austria third in individual competition] Followed by a man in uniform walking a horse in an arena.

(00:57) Title card: “Zuschauer beim Geländereiten der Vielseitigkeitsprüfung” [Spectators riding the versatility test off-road.] (1:02) A cross-country riding event, which is a part of “Equestrian eventing.” Eventing was from August 13-16, and the jumps took place in Dallgow-Döberitz. People and carriages travelling through a field and shrubbery. Men in uniforms on horseback go by. Another horse rider clears a fence. (1:49) Title card: “Kapitaine Rojcewicz-Polen am Teich” [Captain Rojcewicz-Poland at the pond.] A man on a horse clears a jump and lands in a large body of water. The horse emerges riderless. Several people hold the horse while the rider runs up and gets back on the horse. (2:12) Title card: “Oberleutnant Pahud de Mortanges- Holland, Olympiasieger von 1928 und 1932” [First Lieutenant Pahud de Mortanges-Holland, Olympic champion from 1928 and 1932.] Another rider does the same jump as the previous rider. This one stays on his horse. (2:29) Title card: “Oberleutnant Freiherr von Wangenheim-Deutschland erlitt beim Geländeritt einen Schlüsselbeinbruch” [First Lieutenant Baron von Wangenheim-Germany suffered a broken collarbone while riding the field] Another rider does the same jump, he and the horse fall over in the water. The horse refuses to get out of the water for some time. Men make a circle around the horse to corral and calm it down. (3:19) Title card: “Beim Jagdspringen der Vielseitigkeit stürzt v. Wangenheim nochmals, reitet aber trotz der Schmerzen weiter, um ein Ausscheiden der deutschen Mannschaft zu verhindern” [When jumping the versatility, v. Wangenheim again continues to ride despite the pain to prevent the German team from leaving.] In the arena, a man rides his horse through several obstacles.

(3:35) Equestrian jumping, which was on August 16 at the Olympiastadion. (3:51) Title card: “Hauptmann Stubbendorf- Deutschland Sieger im Einzelwettbewerb” [Hauptmann Stubbendorf- Germany winner in the individual competition.] (4:20) Title card: “Großes Jagdspringen, Preis der Nationen” [Big Hunting Show Jumping, Nations' Prize.] People walking through the stadium corridor. A stadium full of people. (4:48) Title card: “ ‘Aida’ unter Prinz Gustav Adolf von Schweden verweigert dreimal einen Sprung und scheidet aus” ['Aida' under Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden refuses to jump three times and is eliminated.] A horse does several jumps, but then refuses to go over one of the hurdles. (5:15) Title card: “Oberleutnant Hasse-Deutschland Sieger im Einzelwettbewerb” [First Lieutenant Hasse-Germany winner in the individual competition.] A horse jumping hurdles well, and a crowd standing and cheering. (5:56) Different titles announce who is performing, followed by men on horseback going through obstacle courses. (6:30) The crowd in the Olympic Stadium shows the Hitler salute. (6:35) Title card: “14 weitere Olympiafilme finden Sie im Ozaphan-Sonderprospekt” [You can find 14 more Olympic films in the Ozaphan special brochure.]

Event:  1936 August
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Metro Theatre Center Foundation
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:09
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