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Zeilsheim DP Camp (color)

Film | Accession Number: 2021.89 | RG Number: RG-60.7168 | Film ID: 4506

Color film of Zeilsheim Displaced Persons camp taken by Jewish survivor Albin H. White [under the false identity Albin Ostrowski] around June 1947, including shots of the assembly center, an office, outdoor performances, children, the monument to murdered Jews, soccer, school, and machine shops.

Opening pan over the countryside, street scene with homes, residential area. Sign: “Zeilsheim/Assembly Center/UNRRA Team 1022” with two stars of David. “Achtung" [announcement] poster underneath dated 25 June 1947. Woman and child walking near to an entrance: “UNRRA TEAM…[1022]” Street scenes in what is the camp with low one-story buildings numbered that look like brick barracks.Flagpole with Star of David at top and white flag flying. CU, two men facing the camera and pointing to signage on a brick building: “OFFICE/TEAM/1022” INTs, man seated at a desk with numerous black and white photographs on the wall behind with the phrase (partially legible): “...PATION IS REHABILITATION.” EXT, woman plays piano and the Yiddish theatre star Herman Yablokoff speaks into a microphone. Small children and young men and women, presumably the audience, [most wearing white]. Another performer. Brick and stone monument with a 7-candle menorah or candelabra and the words in Hebrew and German “ZUM GEDENKEN AN UNSERE VOM HITLERISMUS HINGEMORDETEN TEUREN TOTEN” [In Memory of our Dear Dead Murdered by Hitler” Pan to buildings outside leading to the memorial in between the buildings. Sign “Eleanor Roosevelt Square” and panning again. Children play soccer. Buildings with signage [not clear], Pan to building with sign over door that states in Hebrew and English “Hebrew School in the name of/Henrietta Szold/at Zeilsheim” at building 16. Another building with sign over door that states in English “ZEILSHEIM/CHILDRENS CENTER/IRO AREA 1022” at building 14, Baby in carriage. INT, scene of man and [pregnant?] woman teaching students who appear to be pre-teens and teenagers. INTs, men in workshop [repairing/making a violin?], sanding, soldering, locksmith, etc. INTs, dresses/clothing on hangers and women seated working [on patterns?] near sewing machines. Woman sewing on a machine.

Film Collection Title
Albin H. White Collection
Event:  1947 June
Zeilsheim, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Museum of Jewish Heritage
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:05:20
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