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Oral history interview with Polina Anatol'evna Driuchata, Leonid Mioseevich Neiman, Valentina Vasil'evna, Sasha, and Martin

Oral History | Accession Number: 2009.103.26 | RG Number: RG-50.632.0026

Polina Antonovna Driuchata, born in 1922, describes moving to Tulchin in 1954; her husband, who served in Hungary for four years; returning to Tulchin with their two children in 1960, at which time there were still many Jews in Tulchin; and how many Jews left to live in Germany.
Leonid Moiseevich Neiman, born in 1931, describes moving to Tulchin in 1961; being a widower; living at one time in the village Gorodkovka (Horodkivka) in the Kryzhopol’sky region, where many Jews lived; Jews working as shoemakers, tailors, and tinmen; how after the war there was an artel (corporative association) called “Chervona Zirka”; his father, who was a tradesman; the two synagogues in Gorodkovka, which were later destroyed by the communists; a woman who baked matzo in Gorodkovka; attending a Ukrainian school; speaking Yiddish, but not knowing Hebrew; Jewish wedding traditions; circumcisions; Jewish burial traditions; Jewish holidays; the baker named Makar; a woman named Esther was a shadhan (matchmaker); Isaak the barber, who was with Mr. Neiman in a labor camp; living in Odessa and attending a synagogue on holidays, even under Soviet rule; not being particularly religious, but attending synagogue for the drinks and food; how only very poor Jews lived in Kaptsonivka neighborhood in Tulchin; being at P'iatykhatka camp when he was 11 years old; escaping from the camp and living in the Gorodovka ghetto; his memories of the Ukrainian police; and his two sons.
Valentina Vasili’evna, born in 1941 in Yalta, Ukraine, describes having lived in Tulchin since 1959; being Ukrainian; not knowing anything about Jewish holidays; and her belief that all the Jews have left because of radiation.
Sasha (approximately age 10) describes his grandfather, who was Jewish and in a labor camp when the Germans knocked out his teeth; and his general thoughts about Jews.

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Valentina Vasil'evna
Leonid M. Neiman
Polina A. Driuchata
interview:  2005 July 20
1 digital file : MP3.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 19:53:48
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