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Conquest : how societies overwhelm others / David Day

Publication | Library Call Number: JC319 .D39 2012

Book Description: In this bold, sweeping book, David Day surveys the ways in which one nation or society has supplanted another, and then sought to justify its occupation -- from the English in Australia and North America, the Normans in England, and the Spanish in Mexico to the Japanese in Korea and the Chinese in Tibet. Human history has been marked by territorial aggression and expansion, an endless cycle of ownership claims by dominant cultures over territory occupied by peoples unable to resist their advance. Day outlines the strategies, violent and subtle, such dominant cultures have used to stake and bolster their claims -- by redrawing maps, rewriting history, recourse to legal argument, creative renaming, use of foundation stories, tilling of the soil, colonization, and ultimately outright subjugation and even genocide. In the end the claims they make reveal their own sense of identity and self-justifying place in the world. Conquest is an accessible and captivating macro-narrative about empire, expansion, and dispossession.

Book cover
Day, David.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012
Includes bibliographical references and index
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