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British Foreign Office : United States correspondence, 1935-1937


This collection in The National Archives at Kew covers British foreign affairs concerning the United States. The General Political Correspondence for the United States of America, in F.O. 371, consists primarily of communications between the Foreign Office and various British embassies and consulates in North America. Governmental, political, military, economic, and cultural topics concerning Anglo-American relations are chronicled. The documents include: 1935: Washington Naval Treaty; German naval building program; French proposals for direct radio telephone service between New York and Paris; Japanese note denouncing the Washington Treaty; Anglo-German Naval Agreement; London Naval Conference; flights of U.S. aircraft over British Honduras; British war debt to U.S.; Soviet attitude to U.S.; Defense of the Panama Canal Zone; Japanese activities in the Philippines. 1936: Non-aggression Pact in the Far East; Soviet views on London Naval Treaty; attitude of Japanese navy toward U.K.; U.S. policy of neutrality; President Roosevelt's views on international affairs; creation of free port zones in U.S.; commercial relations between U.S. and British Colonial Empire; Anglo-German naval negotiations; proposed exchange of secret information between War Office and American War Department; exchange of military information between U.S. and U.K.; Empire's oil requirements. 1937: U.S. and British naval rearmament; Saudi Arabian accession; Italian naval construction; New York World's Fair 1939; Soviet cruiser construction; visit of Prime Minister to U.S.; German-Japanese cooperation in the matter of submarine bases; distribution and exhibition of foreign films in Great Britain; film quota legislation; U.S. politics: reform of the Supreme Court; nomination of Senator Hugo Black to Supreme Court; French transatlantic test flights; visit of President and Mrs. Roosevelt to Victoria, British Columbia; among many other records.

Archives unbound
Archives unbound.
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Gale, a Cengage Company, 2018
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