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British Foreign Office : United States correspondence, 1938-1940.


This collection in The National Archives at Kew covers British foreign affairs concerning the United States. The General Political Correspondence for the United States of America, in F.O. 371, consists primarily of communications between the Foreign Office and various British embassies and consulates in North America. Governmental, political, military, economic, and cultural topics concerning Anglo-American relations are chronicled. The documents include: 1938: Construction of vessels for the Brazilian government; German naval construction; use by U.S. of French-owned islands in South Pacific; size of Japanese capital ships; arming merchantmen in wartime; German intentions with regard to submarine construction; reactions in New York to European situation; U.S. and isolationism; U.S. neutrality legislation and oil supplies; U.S. Naval Expansion Bill; copy of Magna Carta at New York World's Fair; visit of King to World's Fair; search for Miss Amelia Earhart; Anglo-Polish Naval Agreement; activities of Father Coughlin; protest of proposed settlement of Jews in British Guiana. 1939: U.S. scheme for exchange of raw materials with foreign countries; visit of the King and Queen to U.S. and Canada; Japanese proposal for neutralization of the Philippine Islands; creation of Department of National Defense of the Philippines; destroyers for Australian navy; Roosevelt's annual message to Congress; German press campaign against U.S.; U.S. neutrality legislation; U.S. public opinion on outbreak of hostilities; charitable collections in America; Panama emergency regulations; American aircraft industry; movements of J.P. Kennedy in U.S. and London; ambassador's views as to outcome of war; foreign demands for American oil; U.S. patrol of Western Atlantic; attendance of an Englishman at American Jewish Congress; use of nylon for making parachutes; activities of German-American Citizenship Leagues. 1940: Efficacy of German and British propaganda in America; Churchill's January 27 speech at Manchester; visit of Royal Airforce offers to America; presentation of British case in America; Mrs. Roosevelt invited to speak in British Broadcasting Corporation series; infringements of U.S. neutrality law; control of foreign agents in U.S.; American reaction to invasion of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg; Duke of Windsor: Governor of Bahamas; Irish executions; Irish-American opinion; Anti-Semitic activities of the Institute for Aryan Studies in Chicago; U.S. volunteers for the British fighting forces; Nazi sympathizers in U.S.; grant of facilities in British possession to U.S. in exchange for destroyers; Prime Minister's broadcast appeal to Italians; among many other records.

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Archives unbound.
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