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Science and the swastika series producer, Dunja Noack ; producers, Saskia Baron, Paul Sen ; directors, Saskia Baron, Fisher Dilke, Paul Sen ; writer, Fisher Dilke.

Publication | Library Call Number: DVD-0867

Hitler's biological soldiers. When the Nazis came to power, Jewish scientists were dismissed in favor of so-called "Aryan" scientists. Many were enthusiastic about their new status as influencers of government policy and relished their mission of perfecting the German race. What followed was an elaborate, ruthless campaign of "racial hygiene"--That very nearly succeeded.

The deadly experiment. How did German doctors willingly end up proposing genocide? Once the Nazis came to power, atrocities were allowed to flourish unchallenged. See how the country's renowned research institutes became literal chambers of horror, where terrible experiments were committed on human beings--with the approval of those in charge.

The wrong stuff. Hundreds of inmates at Dachau were the unfortunate victims of experiments conducted by German aviation medics. At war's end, ten doctors faced charges at Nuremberg. However, many others were spirited to the U.S.A. to join the military and space programs. Follow the blood trail to see how NASA's moon mission was contaminated by murder.

The good German. Werner Heisenberg was one of Germany's leading physicists. When Nazi ideology took over science, he was among those researchers who fled to other countries. For those who stayed, enormous pressure was put on them to conform--and to develop the Atom Bomb. Follow the rise and fall of Heisenberg and other émigré scientists who lent their talents to the U.S. and Britain and witness the post-war moral delimma faced by those who complied with the Third Reich.

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[London] : Channel 4 Television ; Richmond Hill, Ont. : Distributed by American Home Treasures, 2001
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