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Broken silence Steven Spielberg and Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation present Cinemax Reel Life ; producer, James Moll.

Publication | Library Call Number: DVD-0295

Some who lived weaves together testimonies of Holocaust survivors now living in Argentina and Uruguay with archival and contemporary footage; it draws parallels between the Nazi regime and the government of Argentinean president, Juan Perón.

In Eyes of the Holocaust, survivors describe the slow erosion of their lives followed by panic when the Nazis took over and attempted to liquidate the Hungarian Jewish population.

Children from the abyss illustrates the horror of the Nazi invasion of Russia, with the mass killings conducted by the Einsatzgruppen after the Wehrmacht had moved further into the country; uses testimonies of survivors who were children at the time of the atrocities.

I remember is in black and white and juxtaposes the testimonies of four Polish Holocaust survivors with images of young people taking part in the annual March of the Years in the extermination camp at Auschwitz.

Hell on Earth tells of the inhabitants of the "model" ghetto at Theresienstadt, which was set up by the Nazis to deceive the world about how they treated Jews.

Book cover
Other Title
Algunos que vivieron.
Some who lived.
Holocaust szemei.
Eyes of the Holocaust.
Deti iz bezdny.
Children from the abyss.
I remember.
Peklo na Zemi.
Hell on Earth.
Universal City, CA : Universal, c2004
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