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Germans in Occupied Ukraine

Film | Accession Number: 1992.252.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0646 | Film ID: 304

Footage shot by a German cameraman during Germany's occupation of Ukraine in World War II. Footage with German photographers traveling through the Ukraine photographing cities, villages, and collective farms. The most extensive footage is taken with a female photographer from her trip to Ukraine in the summer of 1943. She traveled by plane and car from southern Ukraine (the Melitopol region) just north of Crimea, then along the Dnepr River northward over Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev and then due west to Rovno and then the border of General Government.

Reel 1: 05:14:33 Damaged church and defaced icons. 05:15:41 Man plowing field, field of sunflower plants, man examines plant. 05:16:15 LS of woman and cow and calf, MS same woman at well, church rises in BG. MCU woman cooking pancakes with skillet on ground. Brief LS steamer on river. 05:16:37 CU of men making mud "bricks" used in framing of building, MS people working on wall, men and woman working beneath them. CU of boy carrying load up. 05:17:06 MS of women mixing cement, placing material into wood frame 05:17:12 LS of same work party. 05:17:22 pastoral shots 05:18:04 CU of young woman with scarf and flower petals, laughing. 05:18:14 LS long line of horse drawn wagons moving in 2 directions. 05:18:31 CU of "Gesperrt Verschlammt" sign, ducks on road in front of car. 05:19:00 MS village kids admire woman photographer's car. MS horse cart approaches windmill. Woman and cow in field. Couple with child cart sack into mill. 05:19:35 German photographer's car driving on country road. 05:19:50 pulls up to camp gate "Ukraine Vertriebs GmbH, Lager Nikopol". Nikopol was the site of a SS (Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle) run colony, policed in large part by ethnic German Seltstschutz . CU of young local militia guards. 05:20:13 Car gets serviced. 05:20:31 Young boy with bowl of cherries and with geese. 05:21:00 MS building the wall with mud brick. Women mix mud with their feet. MLS Horses drag wooden log raft over muddy road. 05:21:27 Young girls carry chunks of rock to roadbed. Good shots of some of the young women. 05:22:03 Field of wheat or grass. Fields with city buildings in BG. 05:22:27 Man scything wheat. 05:22:51 MS Women wheeling and dumping barrows of dirt. CU of girl. 05:23 Men rolling large logs onto log stack (including militia members) with some on guard. Tractor toward camera 05:23:39 CU young boy pets colt. CU young girl. Shot of oxen 05:23:57 Photographers in car shake hands with officer in camp. Two men work with wood press. 05:24:10 Panorama of wheat field, CU of wheat, men reflected in car reflector. 05:24:32 LS to men harness racing, 2 civilians?, then CU of Nazi officer racing, LS of same. 05:24:57 MLS of photographers' car driving along with windmills in BG, then woman with oxen, windmills in BG. 05:25:22 MS two women digging out large square pit. LS of many women doing digging, with wheelbarrows. CU as women shovel dirt from one wheelbarrow to another. 05:25:40 MS German woman photographer with camera shooting work being done. CU two men of work crew. 05:25:56 LS as photographers' car comes up hill with village in BG. 05:26:05 LS of palatial estate of public building of some kind with hedge and grass in front of it.

Film Title
Event:  1943
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:55:45
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