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Germans in Occupied Ukraine

Film | Accession Number: 1992.252.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0649 | Film ID: 304

Footage shot by a German cameraman during Germany's occupation of Ukraine in World War II. Footage with German photographers traveling through the Ukraine photographing cities, villages, and collective farms. The most extensive footage is taken with a female photographer from her trip to Ukraine in the summer of 1943. She traveled by plane and car from southern Ukraine (the Melitopol region) just north of Crimea, then along the Dnepr River northward over Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev and then due west to Rovno and then the border of General Government.

Reel 5: 05:47:35 Ostriches and photographer. 05:47:42 CU of statue sculpture. 05:48:03 Dacha footage, shot of donkey, young girls sitting on grass with puppy, singing. 05:49:15 Harvesting wheat. 05:49:48 LS Good shots of men and women digging, breaking rock, mining, rail tracks running along river. 05:50:01 CU Young woman, local civilians shoveling dirt into container on track, and stone into spinning bin. 05:50:36 Man with ducks and geese walks thru field. 05:51:07 Sheep on road. 05:51:22 Soldiers race camels. 05:51:36 MLS German soldiers and officers in line on parade grounds. Pan around to civilians and many young boys in shorts and no shirt. 05:51:56 Old woman spinning, people in open area with dogs. 05:52:49 Photographers' car. CU boy with dog in his arms, 3 young women admiring small dog. 05:53:15 Men and women digging trench, large metal structure in BG and the loading of ore or rocks into cars. 05:53:26 LS Canoes at riverside, local militia with armbands coming ashore with rifles. Lined up in ranks drilling with rifles, all have white armbands, marching off. Collaborating with Germans. 05:54:25 Local women in pretty costumes. MS Local militia officer takes photos, girls in festive cart. 05:54:57 Harvest of grain. Men in wide brim hats and belted garments scything. LS of large threshing machine. 05:55:46 AV Fields. 05:56:02 AV large complex of some kind (new housing, barracks?). 05:56:09 AV city. 05:56:37 AV River and surrounding land, barge with logs, following inlet. 05:57:11 AV field and long windbreak of trees, squares of fields. 05:57:37 AV barge with logs coming into sand spit area. 05:57:50 AV factory complex, oil refinery?, shots of large city bordering river (Kiev?).

Film Title
Event:  1943
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:21
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