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Germans in Occupied Ukraine

Film | Accession Number: 1992.252.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0655 | Film ID: 305

Footage shot by a German cameraman during Germany's occupation of Ukraine in World War II. Footage with German photographers traveling through the Ukraine photographing cities, villages, and collective farms. The most extensive footage is taken with a female photographer from her trip to Ukraine in the summer of 1943. She traveled by plane and car from southern Ukraine (the Melitopol region) just north of Crimea, then along the Dnepr River northward over Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev and then due west to Rovno and then the border of General Government.

Reel 14: VS Farmer, standing on a stone platform in a field, pulls water up from a well to feed cows gathered round the trough. MLS Sheep are led through a meadow by shepherd, with lovely pastoral view of hillside, town and river in BG. 06:40:48 MS Boys jump onto back of streetcar moving away from camera (Lvov). MLS Two German soldiers stand over woman kneeling on the street with customers (she appears to be selling chestnuts). 06:41:00 VS Scenic street shot in Lvov: "onion" turrets in BG. MLS two men with bicycles. MCU women with baskets. CU Pretty, smiling blond woman talking, laughing to camera. 06:41:15 MLS Troop truck speeds through intersection. Previous street shot in BG. Street signs or numbers on corner of building. (Can see damage to city.) LS Streetcar in midcity passes by badly damaged building (perhaps a synagogue to its left?) on large boulevard. LS Firetruck speeds down street. Various vehicles, street scenes, one-legged woman on crutches crosses the street. LS Tall young man in white speaks to soldier, bench with roof shelter in background. 06:41:44 MLS Peasant carries bundle of sheaves thru field. Marsh or river in BG. 06:42:00 LS Barge on river. LS Man and woman on back of vehicle on racks running through field. 06:42:18 Peasant farmhands take their meal in the outdoor "camp." Woman ladles soup from vat as young boys watch. Women stand and sit around, eating on ground in field, taking a break. Highway in BG, cars go by, people sit under makeshift tents. 06:42:40 VS People harvesting in traditional native clothing. 06:43:02 MS Courtyard of modest country home, stone or mud brick walls, garlic hanging outside, road runs by house. 06:43:20 MS Woman uses threshing machine, and goes through various steps to "process" a sheaf of wheat. (House has thatched roof.) 06:44:11 MS Woman offers a dish of fruit to photographer standing by her car. 06:44:28 Various MCUs and LSs large impressive buildings. 06:44:52 Local dance troupe enters through back of building to an inner grassy courtyard, first away from and then back toward camera as they leave. Jovial, playful group. Several shots. 06:45:35 Women on back of truck arrive at large construction site; Pan of wood framing worksite and lines of barracks or houses. CU of two workers (locals). 06:46:27 LS Horse-drawn carts move down street with construction material; LSs along waterfront, boats and barges. 06:46:43 Various, large herd of sheep and rams standing around and being herded along road, including car making its way around them. 06:47:50 LS Pastoral view: homes and river in BG, cows in FG, and shots of plants. More panoramic shots. 06:48:41 MS Woman working in wheat field, CU shirtless young men. 06:49:06 MLS, MS and CU traditionally costumed dancers with instruments relaxing in treed orchard or field;. Russian Orthodox stone cross/tombstone with Cyrillic lettering is in the ground beside them. Various, singing and balalaika strumming. 06:49:47 MLS and MS Lively outdoor dancing in front of small wooden church. Lovely scene of costumes, dancing.

Film Title
Event:  1943
Lviv (Lvov), Poland
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:04
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