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Arnstadt and Nordhausen concentration camps

Film | Accession Number: 1990.492.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0005 | Film ID: 2

Arnstadt and Nordhausen after Allied soldiers arrive. General shots of corpses and survivors. Survivors receive aid. Some well-known shots of survivors as they board IRC van.

(LIB 5566) Arnstadt Horrors, Arnstadt, Germany, April 14, 1945. 02:07:05 EXT, Sequence-German civilians disinter bodies of concentration camp victims. 02:07:27 CU, a cadaver with a damaged skull. 02:07:49 LSs, CUs, dog kennel for watchdog. 02:08:08 Begin new roll. 02:08:14 Pan from camp gate to tents used to house 1700 prisoners. 02:08:40 LSs to MSs, corpses lying outside of grave from which they have just been exhumed. 02:09:13 Begin new roll. 02:09:35 LSs to MSs, bodies laid out on ground are viewed by several US soldiers. 02:09:50 Begin new roll 02:10:02 MCU to CUs body half submerged in pit.

(LIB 5567) Slave Labor Camp, Nordhausen, Germany, April 11, 1945. 02:10:24 EXT camp. LS, Pan, destroyed buildings of prison camp area. 02:10:45 CU, dead bodies lying on camp grounds. MSs, CUs, emaciated survivors. 02:11:28 Sequence: US medics and MPs of the 3rd Armored Division, FUSA, carry the sick and dying prisoners out of the camp. 02:11:56 US medic, Zane L. Strickland, transports a survivor on a stretcher - he is on the back end of the stretcher facing the camera. 02:12:00 Emaciated man, seated on ground is helped onto litter by US medics. The man is crying and clasping his hands together in thankful prayer. 02:12:32 MCU, one-star general Brigadier General Truman Everett Boudinot speaks to internees. 02:12:40 CUs of the faces of emaciated prisoners seated amid rubble. 02:12:58 VS, liberated prisoners eating and talking. 02:13:11 INTs, VS emaciated victims lying in barracks amid corpses. 02:13:13 INT, MCU to CU prsioner, smoking a cigarette, sitting on ground near an open pit, surrounded by corpses, explains to soldiers off camera some of what occured in the camp. 02:13:42 CU, starved prisoner eating an egg. 02:14:48 VS, US medics lead or carry extremely emaciated prisoners from building. 02:15:31 MS, medics load ambulances, pull out of area.

Event:  1945 April
Production:  1945 April
Nordhausen, Germany
Arnstadt, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:50
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