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Hitler & the revival of the German nation

Film | Accession Number: 2002.542.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3407 | Film ID: 2559

"Des Reiches Wiedergeburt" [Rebirth of the nation] Hitler in automobile, crowd, heiling, in large hall. "Volk am Werk" [People at work] Hitler speech. Hitler breaking ground with shovel. Boys with shovels. Factory, walking through mud, shoveling (Hitler speech in background). Hitler speaking behind podium. Shoveling dirt, building buildings, farming. Hitler speech. "Die Ewige Jugend" Girl with flowers, boys, HJ, Hitler, more HJ. Boys marching, gathered in square to hear Hitler speak, flags with swastika. Hitler speech. Boys running, BDM, calisthenics in field (Hitler speaking in background). "Gemeinnuss vor Eigenness" [Communal Need Before Individual Need] Hitler speech. Peasants, children with bread, serving food, eating. "Ordnung und Sauberkeit" [Order and Cleanliness] Fighting in streets, raids/riots, destruction, crowds gathered listening to Hitler speak. "Wehrhaftes Volk" [A People Capable of Defending Itself]. Soldiers marching in street, spectators heiling, brief shot of Hitler. "Deutschland will Frieden" [Germany Wants Peace]. Farming, Hitler speaking in Reichstag. Cannons, airplanes, ships, fighting, tanks. Men laying RR tracks, marching with shovels. "Heiliges Vermaechtnis" [Holy Testament]. Stadium, men in uniform, flags, iron cross, various shots. Crowds heiling. Hitler, CU, arm heiling.

Event Date
1933 March 21
Potsdam, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv
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